Home is truly where the heart is. But it can often end up being a place where more than just the heart resides. In many instances, it can become a cubby hole hiding a myriad things many of them unncessary and no longer useful but which you are reluctant to get rid of for various reasons, not all sentimental.

Have any doubts? Throw open your wardrobe doors and take a good look. Do you really need that outsized sweater you purchased during a sale? And that jacket you no longer use? And all those single socks in your sock drawers?

The same goes for the kitchen cabinets and stuff in your bed and living rooms. Then there’s another problem: a lot of things you need are not arranged properly. The result: you didn’t even know you have them!

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Any home expert will tell you decluttering your home can be one of the most fulfilling activities – one that won’t only improve your physical health, but your mental well-being too, not to mention make your home a dream to live in.

To understand the mindset of consumers and importance of decluttering in their lives, IKEA, as part of the launch of its new season, conducted an independent research among more than 1,000 people.

While almost every second person wanted to declutter to make their interiors more relaxing, one in three said they would be willing to get rid of their unused belongings and rearrange to make their homes more airy and spacious.

Not surprisingly, one in two people said decluttering would increase their productivity, while almost as many admitted it helped them achieve better sleeping habits. Among the items that are decluttered, clothes (57 per cent) and shoes (30 per cent) topped the list.

In a survey conducted by IKEA, one in three said they would be willing to get rid of their unused belongings and rearrange to make their homes more airy and spacious

It is here that IKEA’s seasonal launch scores high. “Through new decor ideas we want to motivate people to start cleaning out, sorting, displaying, hiding, recycling or even simply donating,” says Carla Klumpenaar, GM Marketing, Communications & Interior Design at IKEA - Al Futtaim, UAE, Egypt, Oman.

IKEA’s e-commerce platform makes the shopping experience easier. “Our home planning and interior design services help customers revamp their space from the luxury of their homes. Our ‘Click and Collect’ service allows contactless shopping and digital payment solutions across the country to collect their online purchases conveniently from the comfort of their cars,” she adds.

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