As education counsellors, we often like to rehash an age-old adage: "The future lies in our hands!" And pandemic or no pandemic, I stand by this statement firmly. The future is indeed in our hands, and we can shape it in ways that can overcome barriers and broaden our horizons across all faculties, specialisations, interests, and industries.

In the context of career choice and relevancy, this means we need to focus not only on exploring upcoming fields, but also on understanding that we do not need to digress from our interests and passion; we need to align ourselves with the future.

So, to discover our "job of the future", we need to find out what essentially captivates us, and orient our learning trajectory accordingly.


Do you love cooking? Is art, design, or media your calling? From designing, lifestyle management, digital art, multimedia, graphics, production, cooking, packaging food, and product designing to acting, singing, painting, music mixing, sound support, and editing – all these fields are continually evolving through technology.

Sales, Marketing, and Branding

Technology has revolutionised the meaning of these terms. Companies will always have products and services to offer, and for them to succeed, there will always be a need to create demand and awareness for their offerings. Passionate marketeers are now required to conceptualise, strategise, design and sell not only to the local users, but also to the global market. With over 4 billion social media users, the market has not widened- it has exploded. As such, using technology creatively and impactfully to reach the global audience is very important.

AI, Technology, and Cyber Security

From commuting in driverless cars to having Siri, Alexa, or Google to do your bidding, we now live in a radically evolving digital world. While reliance on technology and automation is increasing the efficacy and safety in industries such as oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, automobile, banking, and e-commerce, it is also exposing us and making us vulnerable in cyber space. So, cyber security and safety is a booming career option.

Data science, analytics, project management, business development managers, talent managers will always be required in every industry, says Varun

Strategists vs Analysts

The past couple of decades has seen a huge spike in the role of people who possess an analytical bent of mind. Enormous quantities of data are easily available and accessible, but they’re futile without people who know how to analyse them and take strategic decisions based on them. Data science, analytics, project management, business development managers, talent managers will always be required in every industry. There will always be a role for people who can combine the tangible and the intangible and take effective and quick decisions.

Environment and Healthcare

With the cascade of change that the modern world has recently witnessed, a conscious enlightenment and awareness of protecting the environment has risen. Be it protecting the earth or caring for the human body, medical and environmental sectors have seen a massive growth with a huge demand for professionals such as hydrologists, urban planners, conservation scientists and environmental lawyers. Similarly, the healthcare industry has been evolving, giving rise to newer fields such as MedTech.

Understanding the options available is only the first step. The focus should always be on pursuing one’s passion. With the right training and education, we can easily align ourselves and our interests with the future, and therefore, stay relevant.

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