Gone are the days of picking one metallic finish for your décor and furniture and sticking to it — 2019 is all about flouting traditional design rules and mixing metallics in your interiors. And there’s no better time than summer to throw caution to the winds and break out the silver vases and gold photo frames from your storage.

‘Metals reflect light playfully and open up a space, all while adding a touch of elegance, making them a great summer look for your home,’ says 2XL’s head of marketing, Amit Yadav.

And the rules, he says, are what you decide they are: Are you aiming for a sophisticated glow or is it over-the-top bling that floats your boat?

Once you’ve settled on the mood you want a room to exude, the tricky aesthetic is quite easy to cinch.

[Warm minimalism, a fresh approach to a home design classic]

Pairing mixed metals with colours is what tips scales towards a tasteful contrast instead of jarring clashes, says Lama Al Awa, head of interior design at Al Huzaifa Furniture.

‘Create a colourful summer theme by incorporating strong colours like white, blue or turquoise to break up your metallic accents. Metallic furniture and décor are great because they provide endless options to create your own unique theme or style every season,’ she says.

Since the sun’s out, plump for bold popping shades like pink and green that freshen up the surroundings.

Blending warm metallic tones with cooler ones can actually create a sense of harmony if done right, says Chris Naylor, general manager at Aura. ‘It guarantees there’s just enough lustre without the metals overpowering your entire room.’

And if glossy glamour isn’t your cup of tea, turn to brushed brass or metals in matte finish for some understated luxury. Texture can take your look to a whole new level. ‘Pewter is popular this year – it’s not out there like brass or copper and can be easily incorporated into simplistic interiors,’ says Dina Arsalanouk, buying manager at Chattels & More and Kare.

Pewter isn’t the only new player to enter the fray. Champagne-toned metallic décor and furniture are also the toast of the town according to Allen Bouran Elamin, design expert at Ethan Allen. ‘Champagne is a shade that pairs well with other metals unlike copper, and it offers a modern finish.’

That’s not to say brass and copper are out of the running this year. ‘It’s all about choosing a dominant metal based on the style you’re aiming for and then complementing it with other metals,’ explains Home Centre’s Magdalena Smolka, head of visual merchandising. If it’s industrial chic you’re vying for, tarnished copper is your key player backed by 
nickel or nickel fixtures – think copper wall lights, or a statement copper bathtub and bronze faucets.

‘For a modern aesthetic, mix silvers, nickels and steel. For a warmer cosy ambience stick to gold, rose gold, bronze and brass. And if you want to be glamorous and daring, mix the two,’ recommends Ranim Mansour, interior designer at Interiors.

According to Claudia van der Werf, director of Desert River, it’s time to retire rose gold and devote your energy to gold with a statement floor or table lamps.

The trick to guaranteeing your mixed metallic interiors err on the side of classy rather than gaudy is to ease yourself into the trend with mirrors, light fixtures, lamps and candle holders, says Luiza Jodziewicz, Ikea’s interior design specialist.

The One’s collection conceptualiser, Hanne Langmead, echoes the opinion 
but recommends an even easier option – mix and match cushions with different metallic prints.

If you’re still on the fence about mixing metals, test the trend out in your kitchen, which is more often than not already stacked with metallic elements, says Chris. Blend copper sinks with metallic black appliances or pair shimmery metallic worktops with brushed steel kitchen hoods and if the look proves its mettle, extend it to the rest of the house.