Now more than ever, our homes our truly our castles offering us safety and refuge. Most of our worlds have rapidly shrunk to revolve within the four walls of our houses. There’s no better time than Ramadan, to give your home that understated elegance it deserves. If your thoughts have already raced ahead to the logistics of shopping for bulky furniture during quarantine and all the extra precautions, hit the brakes. We’ve beat you to the punch and narrowed down small and portable décor elements so you can squeeze in a home makeover during your WFH coffee breaks.

Light it up

Candles, lanterns, tea lights, lamps, are the best way to give your home a glow up without having to change much. Lights are an essential element of Ramadan and set the mood for activities that carry on into the evening even if you’re homebound – from candlesticks for an elaborate iftar with your family to lanterns and tealights that cast a soft flattering glow over you during your Zoom catch-ups with friends and relatives.

Spring for lanterns and candleholders in gold and arabesque motifs to complete the Ramadan ambience.

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Scents of occasions

Home fragrances are the unsung heroes of interiors. It’s often the invisible element that ties together a well-furnished room and infuses it with personality, uplifts your mood instantly and conjures up your favourite memories of Ramadans past. Keeping in with the Ramadan theme, woody fragrances such as oud, sandalwood and amber are great picks. Electric diffusers can mist fragrances to waft out and cover more ground, but reed diffusers work just as well and scented candles do the double duty of flattering lighting and fragrance.


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Deck up with décor

Cleverly done tweaks are all it takes to reinvent the living room without having to drag furniture around all day. Switch out regular cushions with Islamic geometric and calligraphy prints or opulent fabrics such as satin, brocade or silk favouring embroidery and go for drapes and curtains in rich vibrant colours – turquoise, emerald green, deep pinks. Embellish mantelpieces with simple décor items in Ramadan motifs of the crescent moon or geometric filigree work or a strategically placed rug – they can add a fresh perspective to spaces dulled by familiarity. And if you want to really give a room a facelift, wall hangings and wall art are great statement pieces.

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Set the table

Your social calendars are going to be barren this year but that’s no reason why the fancy dinnerware can’t be overrun with delicacies from your stay-at-home iftars.

In the absence of elaborate iftar parties and socialising, elegant tableware and crockery is one way to drown out the sombre tone things and turn up the celebratory ambience. Zhuzh up dining tables with table runners, ghawa coffee sets, and host your own fine-dining meal. Plus, ornate plates and glasses add extra oomph to your drool-worthy dishes and dress them up for your Instagram feed.

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