Aries (March 20 — April 19)


After a rather unsettling 2018, 2019 will begin on the best possible note for you. This ‘beginning’ is marked by your own ruling planet, Mars, actually moving into Aries on January 1. Mars takes about two years to go through the entire zodiac, and so this could be regarded as a very special New Year’s gift for you, one that indicates you’ll begin the year on an upbeat note. Mars remains in your sign until February 14, and in those six weeks, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore what’s going on and reconsider your priorities.

This is especially significant, because you’re just ending a cycle that will have been dynamic, but also very disruptive. This cycle was triggered by the presence of Uranus, the planet of innovation and the unexpected, positioned in your sign. Uranus moved into Aries in 2008, and during the period since then, you’ve struggled with a variety of twists and turns, while some will have been breakthroughs, not all of them have been comfortable. In fact, some will have been worrying, if not difficult at the time. Still, a few will have been thrilling — and, in fact, taken you into new territory.

What’s more, it’s the questions these experiences triggered that will have forced you to rethink elements of your life that you’ve considered to be unchanging, that is, they’re just fine as they are. With Uranus having moved into, and out of, your sign twice times during 2018, and actually departing Aries finally on March 6, 2019, these changes will continue. Combine that with the personal insights that come with the presence of your ruler Mars in Aries, during the first six weeks of the year, and you’ll have a rare and wonderful opportunity to weight up your options and consider what’s most important, most promising and most exciting for you.

But this is by no means all that will be going on. However, it’s worth noting that during this period you’ll be reviewing your priorities, considering what’s most important to you. And by the time of the all-important Aries New Moon, on April 5, which marks a very personal kind of New Year for you, what you’ve thought about, reviewed and weighed up, especially regarding what works and what doesn’t, will mean you’re ready to make decisions about, and to undertake those changes.

Add to that the fact that Mercury, the communication planet, actually moves into your sign on April 17, and discussions are bound to be profitable. It’s also worth thinking about that exact word, “profit”, especially during this year. That’s because with several of the heavenly bodies, including Uranus, which will have departed Aries, and moved into your neighbouring earth sign of Taurus, with both Saturn and Pluto in the earthy Capricorn, you’ll find that not only are you thinking about practical matters, finances, and whether you’re using your time wisely, you’’ have some new ideas but, equally, unexpected ideas and offers will be coming your way.

If there’s any challenge, it’s that with such an emphasis on planets positioned in earth signs, you’ll need to be more detailed, and take things more slowly than is your preference. Instead of avoiding such matters, explore and learn from them. This will ensure you’re equipped to make the best of the second half of the year. This is especially important as you move into the first half of September, and the Sun, Mercury, Venus and your ruler Mars are all positioned in very precise and rather down-to-earth, Virgo. The need to be so precise may be annoying — and, in fact, often you’ll need to be attentive to details in a way that usually drives you crazy. Yet at the same time, you’ll sense what you’re learning isn’t just important but, rather, it will fuel your plans for the future.

It’s also worth recognising that with Jupiter, the planet of growth and development, itself positioned in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius, and with it accenting ways you can broaden your horizons, this cycle isn’t about sticking with what you know. It’s about venturing into new territory, in terms of your habits and activities. It can mean learning about new ideas. Whatever the case, recognise that 2019 as a year of exploration. And not only will you benefit from it, you’ll enjoy every day of it as well.

Love & relationships: Even the most positive of changes can be stressful. While you’ll enjoy the excitement of the new, those closest may be anxious. Keep them updated on events and your plans. But, even more, ensure you set aside time for them, and them alone.

Finance & business: Changes may be sudden and often unsettling, but eac will in some way lead to breakthroughs. Ignore the doubts of others and explore everything. Whether or not your pursue ideas or offers, each will have some of value to teach you.

Health & well-being: As you know, when you’re involved in something exciting or pursing a new idea, you can become obsessed. The solution? Keeping fit, doing whatever you enjoy, but ensure you set, and keep to, a routine. It will make a huge difference, physically but, also mentally and emotionally.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)


Don’t be surprised if, during 2019, things begin to look very different. Your perspective about life itself will be shifting, gradually but dramatically. In a way it could be said this cycle actually began in 2018 when Uranus, which is the planet of innovation and the unexpected, went through a period of moving in and out of your sign. Uranus takes about seven years to go through the zodiac, and so its initial move into Taurus, on May 15 of 2018, will have triggered a range of changes. It remained there for about six months, for a sort of a ’trial run’, until 6 November when it departure to return early in 2019.

It returns to Taurus, to stay on March 6 of 2019, and remains in your sign for a lengthy period, until 2025. Because Uranus is the planet of innovation, you may already have experienced some of the shakeups it’s known for while it was in your sign between during 2018. This will have been a preview of what you’ll experience, and the shakeups that will take place in others’ lives and, even more, in the world around you, as you live out the days of the year of 2019 — and you move into the future. Yet it’s likely you’ll already have recognised that some of those changes, as unexpected and as unsettling as they may seem when they arise, are ushering in wonderful new ideas, changes and innovations that would actually improve on your life.

Not only is this the case, with a tremendous emphasis on the earth signs this year, with both the practical Saturn and Pluto, the planet of transformation, already positioned in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn, but also with a rare and powerful presence in the earth sign of Virgo during September’s first half — with Mercury, your own ruler Venus, and Mars as well the Sun positioned there, you’ll experience a powerful period of both exploration and questioning. So this isn’t about a single area of your life, or a single day or even portion of the year. The more you realise that both sudden and seemingly unsettling events are about progress, and are ushering in exciting and, often, ultimately of profitable new ideas, the more enthusiastic you’ll be.

If there’s anything challenging to bear in mind, it’s that much of what arises will be unsettling, if not seem a little worrying, at least at the time. As a Taurus and an earth sign, you’re cautious by nature, and so are always careful when making changes, especially if they’re taking you into unfamiliar territory. But when you understand the nature of the planet Uranus, which is itself about breakthroughs, and its influence while it’s in Taurus, you’ll begin to also understand that what seems least familiar, or even most unsettling, when you first encounter it, has a signature of Uranus — and that is all about breakthroughs. If you can’t say an enthusiastic, “yes,” to what arises, at least explore it, knowing that you’ll learn something.

Because this is a lengthy period as well, this may be about things that grow gradually. It may be that you decide to study something new, go someplace unfamiliar, to become an expert in something that requires time, effort or in-depth study. Or perhaps you’ll simply decide to completely rethink your lifestyle. Whatever the case, it’s a combination of doing something new and breaking away from the familiar yet, at the same time, committing to a single change or, perhaps, changes that unfold gradually. And because of that, while there’s no question that the New Moon in your sign — the Taurus New Moon in early May, on the 4th — will be one of the major turning points during 2019, each day will bring something new, so it can be safely said that, in a way, each day will be a turning point.

And what’s most important? It’s that you pay attention to any new ideas, especially those that arise around the time of this year’s eclipses. These take place early in the year, on January 6th and 21st; both of these call your attention to any of your own attitudes or mental habit patterns that would be restrictive. It’s the same in July, on the 2nd and the 16th, when events prompt you to explore. But most exciting will be the events triggered by the eclipse on December 26th, which again brings unexpected, and thrilling, new ideas or even offers. Bear in mind that you might initially regard those exciting ideas, events or offers as unsettling. If there’s any hint for you from the planets, it’s to at least explore. Make that your policy as you live out the days of 2019, and as you look ahead into the future. And you’ll be sure nothing that’s promising or could add to your life can pass you by.

Love & relationships: You thrive on routine, especially with family, friends and loved ones. This ranges from enjoying favourite meals, a special place for an evening out or even a much-loved holiday destination. Spread your wings. Destiny will encourage you to discover, and enjoy, new pleasures.

Finance & business: The financial world itself is changing, as will your own way of working, looking after your assets and, possibly, future plans. Make a point of investigating new development, if only so you’ll be up to date. The more you learn, the more excited you’ll be.

Health & well-being: You’re both a creature of habit and sensual, which means looking after yourself must be pleasant. Despite that, this year’s about variety. That means fitness can include learning salsa dancing, and a better diet could be as delicious as it is good for you.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)


You don’t really think about it, but your inquisitive nature, your genuine interest in what’s going on in the world around you and in the lives of others means that, without actually making an effort, you’re always up to date. In fact, people will often come to you when they need to know what’s happening, or simply when they need to hear some entertaining stories about life in the world around them, around you, and in the world you share.

However, when it comes to changes in your own life, you can be somewhat less enthusiastic. This is partly because there’s so much swirling on around you, in your life and in your mind, that achieving and maintaining a certain amount of stability can be challenging. However, with a powerful planetary presence in the portions of your chart that have to do with alterations in your day-to-day habits, in the way you live, in the way you work, your activities out in the world, and especially in your closest of alliances, you’re definitely in for some exciting developments.

First, with Jupiter the planet that’s all about growth, exploration and just plain good fortune moving into the part of your chart that accents all forms of close alliances, from romantic connections, from long-lasting partners at work or at home, or even with new connections, or with those who represent you in some way, these individuals won’t just play an important role in your life — they may actually corner you into making changes you’ve been resisting. Again, as an inquisitive Gemini, you’re always interested in what’s going on, so give the impression you’re ready — if not eager — to make changes. But when it comes down to it, often you’ll drag your feet simply because you can’t quite figure out how it would work. And this is the strange and rather stubborn side of your nature that you’ll be facing, and working on, during 2019. What’s most important is to recognise that with, on one hand, Jupiter accenting close alliances, on the other hand, Uranus, which is all about innovation, moves into the part of your chart that has to do with behind the scenes manoeuvres on March 6. Uranus is one of the slower moving planets of the zodiac, and it remains in that portion of your chart for a lengthy period of time until 2025, so by no means will you need to do or deal with everything this year.

Yet at the same time, if you’re to make the best of this cycle, you’re encouraged to note those place where your stubborn side comes out, and to reflect on situations of that nature. This isn’t just because of the influence of Uranus, it’s also worth noting that with Mars, which is a planet of action, courage and ego, actually moving into your Gemini on March 31, and remaining there for about six weeks, until May 15, you’ll find that it’s time for you to begin to review certain elements of your life and certain habits that you’ve never actually considered altering or doing differently. Because you haven’t viewed them as something you could change, the option has never occurred to you. Now it will.

This also takes us to the next major focus for 2019, which is the emphasis on the practical side of life. You sometimes regard these matters — from finances to carefully managing your time, as dull. And, in the past, they were. But as you begin the year, both the practical Saturn and Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be in the down to earth Capricorn. Then, in early March, Uranus, the most inventive planet of them all moves into the earth sign of Taurus. However, for you, the first two weeks of September will be both pivotal and powerful. During this period, your ruler, Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and Mars will all be in the part of your chart that has to do with the structure of your life, and in the earth sign of Virgo. What’s more, during that period of about two weeks, seven of the heavenly bodies will be in earth signs, and if ever there was a time to deal with those practicalities, it’s then. While you needn’t actually do everything then, those you meet and the ideas you learn will kick-start an amazing cycle of exploration. Knowing that, balance that sociable side of your nature, that part that enjoys discussing new ideas, with the part that will need to, and want to, deal with practicalities during 2019. Focus on achieving that balance, and not only will you benefit, you’ll find yourself enjoying every day of this exciting year.

Love & relationships: For you, relationships are exciting when you spark off of others. Yet the current emphasis on practical matters, planning and exact timing could seem dull, if not a drag. Still, experiment with it. What you learn about others and yourself could be a game-changer.

Finance & business: On one hand, the influence of Uranus is about the kind of breakthroughs you thrive on. Yet frequent, and unsettling, changes will force you to focus on practical details. While dull initially, you’ll soon combine the two. After that, you’ll create magic.

Health & wellbeing: It’s easy for you to get so involved in what you’re doing or the exciting company of others, you neglect your own wellbeing. However, during this dynamic year you’ll need to stay in shape, by focusing on eating wisely and looking after your body, or risk paying a price.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)


As somebody born under the sign of the zodiac that’s all about nurturing – about nurturing gardens, about nurturing a career, about nurturing a business, and often about nurturing a family, you really enjoy seeing things grow. Yet at the same time, you crave stability and familiarity. It’s for this reason, you could initially feel that the year of 2019 is somehow unsettling — or you will, unless you understand what’s going on. The fact is, the world around you is shifting, circumstances are shifting and, actually, elements of your life will be shifting as well. As a result, certain familiar elements of your life will be shifting dramatically, if not coming to an end. While in many cases, this will be a relief, at the same time you’ll wonder exactly what’s next, what you can do or plan for.

In fact, if there’s any challenge for you during this period, it’s dealing with that, not being sure what’s next, or where you should invest your time, enthusiasm or, in certain situations, heart.

The fact is, no matter how many questions you ask, not everything will be clear cut right away. There are several reasons for this. One is of course, as you begin the year, there will be two powerful eclipses, the eclipsed New Moon on the 6th of January, and the eclipsed Full Moon on 21st, each of which will trigger shakeups in the world around you, and, to a certain extent, in your own life. However, of far greater importance for you will be the eclipsed New Moon in your own sign, the Cancer solar eclipse, on July 2nd of this year, which constitutes a sort of personal new year. All of these are about breakthroughs — in elements of your life and even in your own thinking. This alone would be significant.

But, also, with Uranus, which is itself the planet of breakthroughs and new ideas, moving into a new position, and moving to accent close alliances with family, but equally with friends and colleagues, and also indicating a change in circumstances, you’ll find that what seemed beyond your reach or, quite simply impossible, even as recently as 2018 will change. But even more than that, new ideas and perhaps, new acquaintances will introduce intriguing developments into your life. Uranus moves into the part of your chart that accents such matters on March 6th, and remains there for quite some time until 2025, so by no means do you need to figure everything out this year.

However, the more flexible you are to explore new ideas and to spend time doing things you’re unfamiliar with, or with people you don’t know, the better off you’ll be. It may seem a bit pointless at the time, but when you move in to the second half of the year, and especially one of the most powerful parts of that portion of the year, which are the first two weeks of September, when four of the heavenly bodies are in the down to earth sign of Virgo, the Sun, the ideas planet Mercury, Venus and the dynamic Mars, you’ll find that you’ll get the facts you need. But, even more than that, those around you will also be more interested in these practical matters than is usually the case. For this reason, you’ll want to ask questions about and learn from everything that arises, either on your own or with others, knowing that the simple act of exploration will be rewarding.

But also recognise that eclipses continue to shake up arrangements – to create shakeups that are timely and positive, the wise Cancer would want to ensure that all arrangements are flexible enough to ride out. True, you might want the reassurance that comes with feeling things are settled. But during a period when circumstances, in the form of the influence of Uranus accenting what you do, are themselves shifting, you’ll benefit from taking what seem to be chances.

It’s the same with the influence of Jupiter, itself the planet of growth and development, which is accenting your day-to-day life and your job, if you go to one. Here too, potentially exciting changes are in the air. And while they may seem unsettling in the short term, they’ll benefit you hugely in the long run. The hint from the planets is to go with the flow. While you needn’t focus on commitments with others, make a commitment to exploration. Make that your approach to every day of the year of 2019, and you’ll ensure that nothing worthwhile passes you by.

Love & relationships: As a sensitive, nurturing Cancerian, you’ll often spend more time thinking about, if not worrying about, others. With exciting but unsettling changes influencing everybody, begin the year discuss changes, concerns and, equally, ideas together, openly. This will do wonders for everybody.

Finance & business: The line between being cautious and anxious isn’t always clear. So, instead, focus on exploring every new idea, concept and investment for the sheer fun of learning about it. While you’ll need to rethink things during this unsettling year, what you learn will hone your instincts.

Health & Wellbeing: Time with others, and time for yourself, is valuable. Time for fun and joy. Regard this as being as vital as taking vitamins or eating well, and you’ll ride out any twists and turns. Yes, fitness and diet are important too, but only if you really enjoy them.

Leo (July 23 — August 22)


Being a fire sign, and Leo, you have a strong theatrical side to your nature. Even modest, softly-spoken Leos have a certain amount of style – and there are many – enjoy knowing that they create an impact when they walk into a room. As a Leo, you possess an instinctive warmth, and as a result, have an incredibly loving nature. You’ve a talent for giving attention and affection in your own unique way, one that’s very rare. And again, even those who are rather modest in their manner, have a gift for knowing just the right word, and exactly the right moment.

However, when it comes to your own life, you value stability. And, because of that, you’re sometimes uneasy about changes, especially if they’re sudden or unexpected,. Yet as you’ll discover as you live out the early days of the year of 2019, those changes aren’t just inevitable – they’re actually in your best interests. Perhaps one of the most important days from your point of view during the early portion of the year will be the Leo eclipsed Full Moon on January 21st. While there’s a Full Moon in your sign every year, eclipses are far rarer, and they’re all about a combination of surprising developments and breakthroughs. This alone would indicate a change.

But with Uranus, the planet of innovation and the unexpected, moving to accent the structure of your life about six weeks later on March 6th, you’ll find that here too you’re beginning a cycle not just of change, but a cycle during which the actual circumstances you’re dealing with are shifting. Which means that you’ll need to review what you’re doing, shift your perspective on existing arrangements in the here and now, and review or possibly even uproot some of your activities or your habits. Yes, this means shifting familiar elements of your life and, in some cases, doing things entirely differently.

Still, by no means will you have to make any of these changes or commit to new arrangements right away. Uranus moves into this portion of your chart in March, but for a very long stay, until 2025. It’s also worth noting that with Uranus having accented this portion of your chart from May until November of last year, of 2018, you may already have had a sample of this variety of change. And it may be that you dealt with what arose, and while you may not have welcomed changes at the time, after the fact, you realised many constituted actually long overdue breakthroughs. The trick to dealing with this year’s crop of changes is, first, to recall how you benefited from last year’s. But, also, pause and consider how even disruptive or unexpected changes could be of benefit, how they’ll add to your own life, how they’ll benefit the relationships that matter most. Consider how even the unexpected twists and turns these bring will add to the joy in your life.

Once more there’s an important focus on the balance between those joys – on what might be termed ’fire sign pleasures’ come with living well and the need to think about life’s practicalities. First, there’s Uranus, positioned in the earth sign of Taurus, from mid-March, and over coming years. But also, with both Saturn and Pluto, in the down to earth Capricorn, this is a significant, and lasting, theme. Then, during the first half of September, four of the planetary heavenly bodies move into the earth sign Virgo. While this influences every sign, for you the focus is on practical and financial matters, on reviewing existing arrangements and exploring new options, although you needn’t take action right away.

In fact, when it comes to these down to earth matters and the resulting decisions you’ll be making during this year of practical focus, you’ll find that this isn’t about a single day or a single plan, or even a single decision. It’s about looking at things from a new angle. But also because Uranus is about the unexpected and about change, it may well be that circumstances demand that you rethink elements of your life that either you organised with the idea they’d never change. But times move on and, on occasion, you must at least consider changes, if not make them.

Stability is important, but sometimes it’s better that you explore the new and unknown chances. And that’s exactly the theme for you for the year of 2019. And the hint from the planets is exactly that. It’s, first, to discover joys in new places. And second, to resist the temptation to over-plan – the more adventurous your approach to the year itself, to each month, and to each day, the more excitement, and joy, you’ll experience during each day of the year of 2019.

Love & relationships: This year is about discovering new joys. And appealing as ’rituals’, that is, things you do with family, friends or loved ones may be, they can be restrictive. Make a point of doing something new, going somewhere unfamiliar, and often. Looking for love? It’s the same, changing your habits makes it easier for love to find you.

Finance & business: Events may force you to review certain long standing arrangements. If so, instead of seeking ways to minimise changes, explore everything. Some may be unrealistic, but you’ll learn from them. Also, consider undertaking a programme of rethinking your work, finances or lifestyle.

Health & Wellbeing: Most Leos are proud, so look after themselves well. But it’s out of duty, not fun. Seek out activities that join up eating well, maybe a ’cook-in’ with friends, and living well – an activity holiday — with people who lift your spirits.

Virgo (August 23 — September 22)


You don’t really think of it, but you benefit from a quality that many of the other signs lack – that is patient. True, you can be short-tempered with those who are lazy and even with yourself when you’re struggling with a challenging situation.

Still, as an earth sign and a Virgo, you have a unique ability to examine any task, and to assess what needs to be done, and with a thoroughness that wouldn’t even occur to others.

The earth sign part of your nature also understands the need for pacing tasks. And that some things simply must take the time they’ll take — these can’t be rushed.

This applies as much to growing a plant, achieving a goal or deepening a growing relationship, often you simply need to wait.

But as a Virgo and somebody ruled by Mercury, the planet of inquiry, the planet that’s interested in what’s going on, there is another side of your nature. And that is the portion of you that can sometimes be impatient — especially if you don’t understand the reason for delays, can’t reorganise things so they’ll be done or dealt with more efficiently — or you can’t find the reason certain things aren’t working.

However, during 2019, there’ll be another component that heightens this tendency to be impatient. And that is the influence, from March 6, by Uranus, the planet that is all about innovation.

It moves into your fellow earth sign of Taurus, and in the part of your chart that’s all about broadening your horizons, in terms of your existing interests, things you’ve had in mind exploring or studying. It could even spur the restless side of your nature, and get you out and about in your neighbourhood or, perhaps, mean you begin exploring the wider world.

While you won’t necessarily need to be impatient about this process of exploration and discovery, because Uranus remains in this part of your chart for a long period of time, until actually 2025, there’s no rush. You have the luxury of time.

True, during 2019, you’ll find that there’s so much that you’d like to do and like to organise that you’ll want to put it into order.

While that’s logical, the fact is that the move by the dynamic Uranus into a new position will influence every sign in some way, and will also influence the world around you. This, in turn, means that what were once stable plans, what were once stable arrangements, will themselves change and quite possibly change again.

This means therefore, that even you at your cleverest as a Virgo and an earth sign, could find that you aren’t able to figure things out. This may be exasperating. And it also will allow you to learn a lot about yourself. It’s intriguing to note that with the Full Moon in your sign, the Virgo Full Moon, which brings feelings to a peak taking place in late February on the 19th, just before Uranus itself moves into its new position on March 6th.

You could be wrestling with that impatience. Yet gradually you’ll recognise how much there is to discover if you can stand back and allow things to unfold as they must, especially because there’s so much new coming your way. In fact, with Uranus actually accenting new activities and new pursuits in ways of broadening your horizons, the more you explore and the more patiently you explore, the better off you’ll be.

The year’s real turning point comes when first the Sun moves into your sign on August 23rd, and then the Virgo New Moon on August 30th takes place.

During the following two weeks, with the Sun, your ruler Mercury, Venus and Mars all positioned in Virgo — a rare line-up — you’ll find that you’re able to think more clearly about what you’re happy with, what you’re not, where changes might need to take place, and also you’ll be able to focus on those new ideas that, earlier in the year, seemed so vague. The reason for that is partly because they actually were vague. During this period, those exciting new developments will begin to come together, and may begin to occur.

But also, you personally will have become more confident about allowing things to unfold slowly. While, you’re often thought of as being patient, when it comes to putting facts together and making a plan, you can actually be quite impatient and force issues.

During 2019, you’ll learn not only how to be patient, but the benefits that patience brings. And the hint from the planets is exactly that — it’s to recognise that if you avoid your tendency to over-plan and, instead, relax in the calm expectation of the new and possibly unfamiliar, you’ll not only get what you wanted, but often in a better, if unanticipated, form.

Love & relationships: Analysing situations and considering options is core to many Virgo relationships, at home, but also out in the world. With many ideas or offers involving unfamiliar changes, this subject can interfere with the closeness that’s vital for any relationship. Balance togetherness with those all-important discussions.

Finance & business: During a period of promising yet unsettling change, you’d think decisions should wait until the facts are clear. However, this cycle extends for years, which means learning the skill of making partway plans and, equally, ensuring others understand arrangements must be flexible.

Health & Wellbeing: When life’s demanding, you tend to put off looking after yourself until things are calmer. However, with ongoing changes, you’ll need to rethink this approach. Balance is essential for destressing and your physical wellbeing. Schedule regular health breaks and relaxing getaways.

Libra (September 23 — October 22)


As a Libra and an air sign, your interests in what’s happening is second-nature. You love ideas, thinking about what you could do. You love knowing about what others are up to. You love hearing about what’s going on in the world around you. What’s more, you thrive on exchanging ideas about how life, how things could be improved, live could be better lived, how you could reorganise what you do, where you go. And this leads to your interest in what’s happening in your world and the world of others.

Yet at the same time, for you as an individual, stability is essential, simply because with so much going on in your head, so many ideas swirling around, you need a quiet place ’within’, where you can collect your thoughts and, when the mood is right, retire from all that mental chatter. By the same token, when it comes to your life, both your day to day existence and your long term plans, some degree of stability and predictability is important for you.

However, with Saturn, planet of focus, having moved to accent the structure of your life in late 2017, and remaining there until 2020, there will have been many questions about elements of exactly that, how you live and where you live, and what’s in your best interests. This will have triggered a range of questions. Some were clear cut and easy to address and, mostly, you have. But others seemed a nuisance, so you ignored them, while a few seemed somewhat unsettling, if not just plain worrying. This could be because the actual situation was unclear or, perhaps, you haven’t been ready to acknowledge those issues or make the necessary changes.

As you move into the year of 2019, however, and you benefit from the influence of Uranus, the planet of innovation, which moves to accent the practical side of your life, the use of your resources, you’ll find that here, too, new ideas seem to be encouraging you to think differently. To spend time with different people. To rethink your lifestyle, your values, and your goals. Not only that, because Uranus is about innovation, you’ll discover the world around you is changing too. And that will lead to intriguing and often profitable discussions with others.

If you go to a job, this could involve exciting, if initially unsettling, changes in where or how you work, or the actual structure of your professional life. Or, equally, it could influence the shape of the professional activities of someone you closely associated with, a partner at home or at work. Alternatively, it may have to do with altering elements of your day-to-day routine, Or, in fact, it could be elements of all of these. The influence of Uranus can be as unexpected as it is exciting, so when sudden developments arise, bear in mind you won’t necessarily recognise those benefits 
right away.

Obviously, these are matters you’ll undertake or deal with overnight. However, by September when several of the heavenly bodies move into the earth sign of Virgo — with the Sun, Mercury, your ruler Venus, and Mars all positioned there — you’ll recognise that it is as much about how you and others would benefit from making certain changes as the actual changes themselves.

It’s also worth noting that with Mars, the planet of focus, moving into Libra on October 4, to remain there until November 19, you’ll have an opportunity to review what you’ve learnt during early 2019. This is good timing, especially because when you needn’t make any specific decisions yet, with Jupiter itself the planet of innovation accenting new ideas for the entire year, there’ll be plenty to think about and discuss. Once you understand this is a year during which the process of considering things will often be enough, which means you needn’t make decisions right away, then instead of feeling under pressure to get things organised, you’ll encourage others to join you in this process of exploration. But most of all, you’ll be confident that what you’re exploring will come together in wonderful ways, some of it during 2019, but as much over the exciting years to come.

Love & relationships: Important as it is knowing those closest, at home or out in the world, agree with or support your plans or pursuits, you may need to take action on your own. Or even despite others’ opposition. If so, forget about debate. The issue will vanish with astonishing swiftness.

Finance & business: This side of life is changing, and radically, for most of the world. While everybody will have their own ideas on what’s best, it’s vital you review your own situation. Others’ advice is well meaning but not necessarily what’s best for you.

Health & Wellbeing: Most people think of eating wisely and getting moving as being all about your physical wellbeing. But as an air sign, it’s also about maintaining your mental and emotional balance. Regard caring for yourself as being a form of investing in yourself.

Scorpio (October 23 — November 21)


While you don’t realise it, you are born under one of the most inquisitive and penetrating signs of the zodiac. The term “penetrating” may seem strange, but when you compare your life philosophy with others, you’ll realise you’re far more thoughtful. You ask questions that simply don’t occur to most people. Your way of gathering information, defining a plan or learning what you need to learn, about people or a situation is unique. This is a part of your nature, and it’s the result of your own genuine interest in what’s going on in the world around you, and what others are thinking, saying and doing. As a result, you often understand others, and what makes them tick, better than they do. And you seem to have a near-psychic knowledge of what’s going on in certain situations, in your own life and in the wider world, an awareness others admire and respect.

Yet during the year of 2019, a series of circumstances will take you into new territory, in terms of the people you meet, the places you need to go, and the ideas you’re exploring.

These unexpected events will be triggered by eclipses. While there are eclipses every year, this mark turning points for you, especially in terms of your point of view or perspective. This cycle spans the year, with eclipses in January, in June, and a single powerful eclipse at the end of the year, in December. And because they’re eclipses, which are about breakthroughs, while you may gain powerful insights yourself, it’s just as likely those will be triggered by the sudden events that are the signature of eclipses. The resulting discussions are likely to challenge your thinking.

But, also, there’s the promise of changes as the result of alterations in the circumstances of those you’re close to. This is indicated by the move by Uranus, which is the planet that’s all about the new and the unexpected, into a new position and to accent exactly such alliances. During the year of 2018, it made a temporary visit to this part of your chart, from May until November, and during that period, you might well have experienced some of the changes described here.

It’s the same now, except with Uranus positioned in this portion of your chart for some years, until 2025, it’s important for you to begin to acquire the skill of making the best of the resulting unexpected, but always timely, changes. Usually you’d need time to gather facts, think things over. This is your year to acquire the skill of exploring in new ways, of being willing to take chances. And with both Uranus and Saturn, and your own ruler Pluto in the practical earth signs, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, you’ll not only benefit in terms of what you learn or understand, it’s also all about new developments, many of which will benefit you practically.

The most powerful portion of the year for you begins on the final day of the month of August and continues through the first half of September. On August 30th, the New Moon takes place in the part of your chart that has to do with these new ideas. And with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all also accenting these matters, and all powerfully aspecting Uranus, your ruler Pluto, and Saturn, you’re in a period during which what you discover could be life-changing.

In some cases you’ll recognise that immediately. In others, it will take a while for things to become clear. But in every case, you’re encouraged to take the hint from the planets, which is to make efforts or to explore everything. Recognising that if ever there was a time to learn about what’s going on around you, it’s during the year of 2019.

Love & relationships: For Scorpios, relationships are sacred, in the sense you deeply value the trust built with others, family, friends and, occasionally, colleagues. While you trust these people, that doesn’t mean you should take their advice, at least this year. Love them, but be true to your instincts.

Finance & business: The secret is to gather facts but then to trust what you sense is wise, probably more than seemingly solid information. Big changes will be discussed. While you can put them off, begin to think about your own finances, work and your lifestyle in new and different terms.

Health & Wellbeing: Others overeat or don’t get enough exercise. For you, it’s stress that needs to be dealt with, which means times of quiet reflection or even meditation, and exercise that centres you mind and body. It’s the same with your diet, feeding yourself wisely and lovingly.

Sagittarius (November 22 — December 20)


Although you rarely think of this, one of your greatest gifts is your enthusiasm and your zest for life. There are new things you’d like to pursue while, often, others seem to regard the changes you embrace enthusiastically as an irritation.

While this enthusiasm makes you good company, and also means you lead an interesting life, it can sometimes mean you neglect certain practical matters. It’s not until something happens that reminds you about them or, events corner you into dealing with them that you’ll tackle these. However with your ruler Jupiter actually positioned in your sign until December of 2019, and bringing even more of your usual fiery enthusiasm to life, this will all change. You will both want to, and need to, keep track of what’s going on.

Some of this has to do with close relationships. Those closest long ago learnt that you’re sometimes so involved in what you’re doing that you’ll be late or, on some occasions, forget to show up for an occasion or event. However, a shift in your thinking, focus or new and perhaps unexpected passion will make you realise how this carelessness about timing, dates and ‘being there’ for others can upset them, and undermine exciting, strong relationships and, even more, new ones.

But also, with several of the major heavenly bodies in the practical earth signs, you’ll find that you need to balance the two — what excites you and what you must do or deal with.

Because Pluto moved into the portion of your chart that has to do with the use of your resources, and even your ideas in 2008, this won’t be anything new. But, still, you’ll have avoided most of the tedious elements of these matters. However, with tough Saturn having moved there in late 2017 and remaining there until 2020, that emphasis on this area of your life has been growing, and will grow even more this year.

However, with Uranus, which is itself about innovation, having moved into the earth sign of Taurus, and to accent the way you organise your life and your day, and various obligations, for six months during 2018, and with it moving there to stay, on March 6, and remaining there for a long time, until 2025, you’ll find that here again this is very much about a balance between your natural zest for life, and the need to focus on here and now obligations but, especially, to look after your resources, especially the numbers. This isn’t just about finances, it’s also balancing what, and who, is worth your time. This won’t necessarily be easy to achieve. But by mid June, on June 17th, the Full Moon in your sign brings certain matters to a head, you’ll acknowledge what you’ve already learnt but, also, will realise that you still need to think certain matters through in greater depth

Consequently, the collection of planets that move into the practical earth sign of Virgo, and to accent the structure of your life in late August, and remain there for the first half of September, will be crucial. With the New Moon introducing a fresh perspective, on August 30, and with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all positioned there during the first half of September, issues that have been a source of concern suddenly begin to come together. And if you can’t sort them out right away, you’ll still sense what needs to be done.

You may still resist this for a while. But when the Sun moves in your sign, on November 22nd, and importantly when the New Moon in your sign — the Sagittarius New Moon — takes place on November 26th, you’ll be much clearer about how to make the best of these developments.

It’s interesting to note that a few days after that on December 2nd, your ruler Jupiter also moves into the practical earth sign of Capricorn, which suggests that the efforts you make during 2019 will pay off handsomely during 2020. If ever there was a year for you to not only understand, but to deal with and embrace the practical side of your nature, it’s the year of 2019.

Love & relationships: This is the year you begin to understand why those closest, friends, family and even colleagues often complain that you don’t keep promises or ignore them. Being more easygoing, this doesn’t bother you, but does them. This single change will make life much easier, and draw you closer to those who matter most.

Finance & business: Keeping track of details may not be exciting, but during 2019 you realise just how vital it is. So much so you’re soon enjoying what you learn as elements of the financial or business world twist and turn, and you’re keeping close track of it.

Health & well-being: Your philosophy is you can always catch up on sleep later and, similarly, you’re always talking about eating better, but being in a constant rush, never do. However, this year’s excitement, and stress, makes you realise how much better you’ll feel if you treat yourself better.

Capricorn (December 21 — January 19)


As a Capricorn, an earth sign and somebody ruled by the very focused planet Saturn, you work hard to get your life organised. You weigh up your current activities, you think about what you’d like to do and achieve, and then you organise plans to make it all happen. And should circumstances change, you’ll alter that plan. However, as you’ve probably noticed over the past couple of years, even at your most perceptive and analytical, you won’t necessarily have been able to anticipate the twists and turns that have gone on — and especially the twists and turns that have influenced you. The other thing to bear in mind is that while many of these twists and turns may have been unwelcome at the time, looking back on them, what seemed most unsettling, if not just plain worrying, actually turned out to be a breakthrough — although perhaps in disguise.

In order to understand this, we actually need to go back some way, back to 2008, when Pluto, the planet of truth and transformation moved in your sign. During this period, events will have raised numerous tough questions, but generally, you had time to reflect on them, and learn from them. However, in late 2017, Pluto was joined, in Capricorn, by your own ruler, Saturn. And with the two of them together, you’ve faced a combination of changes in circumstances, and your own recognition that you could do things differently, or approach things differently, will have meant that you will, indeed, have had to rethink your approach to a range of elements of your life, and often had to do things in a very new way. Having made those changes, however, you’ll assume that’s that.

However, it’s worth noting with a series of eclipses taking place in Capricorn this year, the Capricorn eclipsed New Moon on January 6, the eclipsed Full Moon in your sign on July 16, and with another Capricorn eclipse at the end of the year on December 26th, and with those eclipses shaking things up, this isn’t about a single day. This is about doing things very differently.

The trick to dealing with all of this is to recognise that no matter how much you think things through, with powerful planetary activity altering the world around you, your own world, the circumstances of others and, in fact, the way things will proceed, even you won’t necessarily be able to figure things out.

That may seem worrying, but at the same time it will be invigorating, because it means you’ll be dealing with new ideas and will be in new territory. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is the move by Uranus, the planet of innovation into a new position. Uranus spent a portion of the year of 2018 in the part of your chart that has to do with who and what you most enjoy in life, and in your fellow earth sign of Taurus. It departed in November of last year. On March 6 it moves there, to remain for the rest of this year and, in fact, until 2026. Because Uranus is about shaking up the old and, even more, about new ideas — genuinely new ideas, things that won’t previously have crossed your mind — its presence suggests that whatever you’ve been thinking about or contemplating will either be changed, or something entirely new will appear. This may involve going new places, making new friends, discovering a new activity or pursuit you’re passionate about. Or, because this is a lengthy cycle, what or who you encounter now could be the springboard for something new and wonderful in your life in the years to come.

As a Capricorn who works hard to organise things, this may initially seem somewhat worrying. But when you understand that this is a period of discovery, then when those unexpected or even unsettling twists and turns arise, you won’t be concerned but will, instead, embrace them. It’s the same with the powerful focus on earth signs, and on the most expansive parts of your chart. This is especially the case from late August, when the New Moon accents those matters until September’s first half, when the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in your fellow earth sign of Virgo, and focusing on those potential changes.

If there’s any hint you’ll want to take during this period, it’s to resist the temptation to make a single plan. Instead, to make a commitment to explore whatever arises. The more you explore now during the year of 2019, the better informed you’ll be when, in December of this year, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, moves into Capricorn, to remain through 2020, which begins a year during which you reap rewards for your efforts during 2019 and the past years.

Love & relationships: As adventurous as you can be out in the world, connections with close friends, family and loved ones aren’t just important, they provide a vital foundation for you. Yet with so much changing in your own life, inevitably there will be shifts, if not major adjustments, needed in these elements of your personal life.

Finance & business: Planning ahead may be wise but this year, you’re encouraged to view any and all arrangements as an experiment. That way, when changes arise, you’ll be prepared, and in fact, ready to capitalise on them. The more you explore now, the better prepared you’ll be for those unexpected developments.

Health & well-being: Few Capricorns indulge in escapism, although excusing yourself from your fitness routine or indulging in a favourite food could weigh you down, physically but, also, mentally, and when you need to be at your sharpest. Being too strict is unwise, so find that balance.

Aquarius (January 20 — February 17)


As you begin 2019, Aquarius, you’ll be looking back at 2018 with relief — relieved that what arose that originally seems little but a disruption, what seemed nothing but nuisance, actually turned out to be rather interesting. Yet at the same time, you’ll be hoping that’s the end of it and that you can settle into a somewhat altered but familiar existence. However, that is by no means the case. There’s a single, clear, reason for this, and that is with your own ruling planet, Uranus having moved into and out a new position during 2018, you’ll have experienced an unusual variety of indeed change, and twists and turns that come with this.

Because your ruler Uranus is positioned in a sign for seven years, you have the luxury of organising your life one way, and living without disruptions. 2018 and 2019 will be the exception. With Uranus making a temporary visit to its new position, and to accent the structure of your life, from May to November 2018, you’ll have encountered the new ideas and intriguing options this triggered. While you might have made a few changes, much will have remained as it was.

Yet you will correctly sense that this isn’t all, and with Uranus moving into its new position on March 6, 2019, and with it once again accenting the structure of your life, you’re entering a cycle during which you’ll have many more option than previously, but unsure what appeals to you, yet you may be under pressure to make decisions, some swiftly. Urgent as things seem, with Uranus in this position until 2025, there are bound to be lots more options for you to consider, and your priorities are bound to shift as well. So while you may need to indicate your intentions, by no means should you make any promises — to others or even to yourself. During this period, you’ll be able to do the kind of thing you enjoy most, and the key is to explore options, some familiar, others new and even those that seem unappealing. In fact, it might be said that the planet Uranus being positioned there, and in a practical earth sign will make it easy for you.

This year, doing 2019, however, it would be more complicated. In fact, with several of the planetary heavyweights moving into new positions, these changes won’t be as straightforward as you would like. And it may be that you need to make one change, in order to explore another. Once you understand that, instead of trying to get things organised straight away, you’ll regard these changes as more of an experiment than anything else. If there’s anything you believe is difficult, it’s that being an air sign and someone who is clever and able to analyse situations better than most people, you’re accustomed to being able to summon up a clear picture of what’s happening, Usually, you’re on top of things. Yet you’ll notice that even at your canniest, you won’t be able to figure things out.

That’s simply because with several of the planetary heavyweights accenting new ways of doing things, with Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius, and in the part of your chart that has to do with meeting new people and new adventures here, too, you can expect surprises. Yet because you’re inquisitive by nature and enjoy learning from any experience, you’ll be fascinated by what’s unfolding.

If there’s any challenge, it’s discerning between those situations where you’re merely making decisions — versus making lasting decisions. Often circumstances will still be shifting, which means whatever you organise must be regarded as tentative, if not an experiment.

Let go. This won’t be easy for you. But with eclipses taking place in January, in July, and also at the end of December, all accenting the parts of your chart that have to do with situations that are either up to others, or where those in charge have other obligations, and either can’t think of you, or aren’t able to consult you, it’s about going with the flow. This may be annoying, but ironically at the same time, the decisions that are achieved either because of what others opt for, or because of circumstances will enhance your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined possible.

And that is the hint from the planets for you for 2019. It’s to foster the inquisitive side of your nature, to be interested in who you meet and what’s going on just because they are interesting. And if you don’t find something interesting right away, to work hard to achieve that feeling. Take that approach during 2019, and not only will you learn a lot, you’ll enjoy every one of its twists and turns.

Love & relationships: During periods of rapid change, family and friends can be a real anchor. Just ensure they back you up, whatever decision you make. If they refuse, don’t argue, just avoid the topic until things are settled. These connections are about nurturing you, not about decision-making.

Finance & business: The single biggest challenge is recognising that, whatever you’re doing, there are bound to be a series of decisions to be made, as circumstances and your views and priorities evolve. Give yourself this space, to think and explore. You’ll need, far more than you expect.

Health & well-being: There’s physical exhaustion. And then there’s the variety of mental exhaustion you’re likely to face during 2019. While diet, and long walks in the fresh air will help, doing things that relax your mind, from playing sports to meditation will be the ‘best medicine’.

Pisces (February 18 — March 19)


In order to discuss 2019, we have to go back to the last six weeks of 2018, when Mars, which is the planet of ego and action, was positioned in Pieces. It takes Mars about two years to go around the zodiac, and during this period it moves through the 12 signs. So what you’ll have learned while it was in Pieces during late 2018 will contribute to what you’re thinking about, what you’re weighing up, and the ideas you’re considering in early 2019.

There are two important turning points for you during this period. And ironically, they’re on the same day. First there’s the New Moon in your sign, the Pieces New Moon, on March 6. This always constitutes a sort of a personal new year, a time when you pause and think about what works, and what doesn’t. But, also, in this case, you’ll be considering what you learnt while Mars was positioned in your sign during the final weeks of 2018. While you’ll have been aware of some, and may have had made plans, other situations will have been more complex, so you needed time to think things through or it simply won’t be the moment to take action.

But also on the same day, Uranus which is itself the planet of innovation and breakthroughs, moves into a new position. Because Uranus is a new approach to both existing situations and into whatever arises, and its position accenting your own point of view, you’ll need time to think. To ask questions. To reflect on your existing options and those that will arise during 2019, and the coming years. Basically, this is about taking a very different approach to elements of your life that either were stable, or seemed unchanging – that is, you had very few options. Perhaps that was once the case.

With powerful events shifting the balance in the world around you and, therefore, in your own life, it may well be that suddenly you’ll be able to explore what you want to explore, to consider options that weren’t previously available.

You might feel under pressure to take action. However, if your mind is unclear or you are short of facts, it’s worth bearing in mind that with Uranus accenting your point of view, and what you’re able to learn until 2025, there’s no rush to say, decide or commit to anything.

Or alternatively, you may recognise that it’s time to consider some changes or to do certain things differently. While in some cases you may know exactly what you want to do right away, looking at the planetary setup for 2019, which will be as rich and exciting as it is unsettled, you’ll find that you need to weigh things up, and often.

What’s more, it may not be until September that things are clear. Between having and a powerful presence of the heavenly bodies, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in the part of your chart that has to do with close alliances — and with the Full Moon in your sign, the Pieces Full Moon on the 14th, also accenting such matters, there’s every suggestion that discussions will be illuminating and unexpectedly profitable. Explore everything. The more you learn, the better equipped you’ll be to make wise decisions.

True, as you begin 2019, September might seem a long way away. But as you begin reviewing what you’ve been doing, reflecting on your existing priorities, and think about what you’re doing now, you’ll find that the actual circumstances you’re dealing with are shifting, and because of that, you’ll be relieved there’s no hurry to make changes or long range decisions.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and good fortune, and only just moved to accent the structure of your life in late 2018, and it remains there until December 2019. This, too, suggests that ideas will come from out of the blue, as well as wonderful opportunities, or events that are in your best interests. And here too, this isn’t about doing a single thing a single way but, rather, is about considering your options, rethinking what you want - and thinking about them again.

Take that approach as you begin every month of 2019, and each decision you make will create a basis for the next decision. And so you’ll find that you’re achieving far more than you would have believed possible when the year began.

Love & relationships: During unsettling periods such as 2019 will be, it’s tempting to turn to old friends or family to boost your spirits. But those chats are about the past, you’re seeking reassurance about the present and future. Save time with loved ones for sentimental moments, and when stressed, give yourself a boost.

Finance & business: Look at times in the past when ups and downs were a prelude to breakthroughs. it’s the same now. Say exactly what you want, and don’t give up. But, still, be willing to negotiate and to learn. You may be able to have something better, and with less effort.

Health & well-being: Life’s golden moments appear in all sorts of ways, sometimes when we’re most stressed or challenged. Eating well and exercise matter. But even more important, at least once a day pause and consider what you have to be thankful for, at that moment.