To empower students to set their own learning pathways for the future and enjoy every experience of learning, Leaders Private School, Sharjah organized the Annual Exhibition TeccEX2016 (Think, Explore, Collaborate and Create) recently.

The Exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. Manda Venkatramana, Dean & Adjunct Clinical Professor of Surgery, Consultant Surgeon, Thumbay Hospital, Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine, and Gulf Medical University.

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 participated in this unique exhibition with the theme Best Practices, Better Lives.

Students worked in groups taking a subject of their liking and designing their projects connecting it to the theme of the exhibition.

The thematic hands-on learning and experience enabled students to work as a team and nurture their abilities.

Teachers were facilitators to guide students and provide the required learning environment. Students were made to move from Curriculum based learning to Competency based learning, by doing things of their own interest and working towards achieving knowledge from the project.

TeccEx provides a wonderful learning atmosphere for students to identify, and combine tools, procedures and processes that were creative and innovative, said Principal Rafia Zafar Ali. ‘It has been progressing year after year, providing opportunities for new learning and gathering new thoughts based on the changing life styles and needs of the society.’