Eid specials

While turning up with small gifts at an Iftar party is mostly out of courtesy, the role that gifts play on Eid is largely celebratory. The significance of Eid lies in its spirituality, as Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting from sunrise to sunset. Here’s a list of items to make gifting easy!

1) Pashmina shawls

Pashmina, a special blend of cashmere and silk, is what makes these shawls so soft. They’re certainly a luxury item, so save this gift for someone special (or gift one to yourself, it’s Eid!)

2) Arabic coffee pot

The term ‘Arabica coffee’ pays homage to a long tradition of coffee farming in the Middle East, so why not celebrate that with a coffee pot? Perfect for the caffeine addicts in your life (which, let’s face it, is a large part of the working population here in the UAE).

3) Spices

Aspiring chefs would absolutely love this present—the souqs in the Middle East are a treasure trove of a large variety of fragrant spices that are unavailable in grocery stores or anywhere else in the UAE.

4) A handwritten letter

For those of you on a budget, no text can substitute the sentimental value of a heartfelt letter. Pour out your heart on some stationery for an Eid gift that’s much more than physical.

5) Time

This might sound corny, but an important part of Eid is spending time with your friends and family- and that’s something no gift can substitute. For busy professionals whose to-do list is always growing, make sure you spend some time with your family and friends on this holy holiday.

6) Bake something, make something

For those of you who are gifted in the kitchen, whip up a meal or baked treat! Food features prominently in Eid celebrations, so this will be welcome at any party you go to.

7) A succulent

Trust us, succulents aren’t just for millennials. Research has shown that having something green in your living space promotes relaxation and creativity, so give your loved ones the gift of a plant that won’t wither in the intense summer heat.

8) Artwork and home décor

Know someone who lives and breathes art and design? Give them something to spruce their home up with. Your options are basically endless here — buy wall decals, mason jars or wall tapestries for a non-permanent way to revamp their space.

9) As a very last resort

Money always works — it’s basically a gift card but for every store, right?