1. The Shady Shadow Show

An hour and a half to 3 hour podcast by the famous: Shadi Megallaa, who wouldn’t love that? Megallaa brings different guests to each episode and allows them to spin their favourite records on his turntables. A variety of different genres of music are played and listeners can expect anything! The best part of the show however, is not the music, but the banter between Shadi and his friends! The podcast is available on Soundcloud.

2. Behind The Bytes

Abbas, Daanesh and Mike, three well known tech editors step away from their publications and come together once a week to discuss the latest international or regional tech news. The three prominent tech editing hosts rarely throw punches so listeners can expect spirited discussions! Behind The Bytes is available on Soundcloud.

3. The Dukkan Show

‘Dukkan’ translates to small shop and that is exactly where this podcast sounds like its taking place. Four friends, OT, Toofless, Irshad and Reem make The Dukkan Show quintessentially Dubai in every way! Discussions about philosophy and anything else that happens to spring into the brains of the hosts take place. There’s music, comedy and pretty much everything else! The Dukkan Show is available on dukkanshow.com

4. Kerning Cultures

Kerning Cultures is hosted by Razan AlZayani and Hebah Fisher, who explore topics like current-affairs, science, history and culture. Kerning Cultures has a rotation of 9 producers meaning that each episode has a fresh perspective and impeccable production values. The podcasts consist of concise, half hour stories from all over the Middle East. Available on kerningcultures.com

5. Tea with Culture

30 minute or so minute episodes, presented by Wael Hattar and Hind Mezaina include discussion about art and culture and also usually include interviews with interesting people. The discussions are frank and revolve around the happenings in the UAE and beyond. If you are interested in culture of the UAE, this podcast is for you! Tea With Culture is available on Soundcloud.

6. The Learning Curve

Nicholla Henderson Hall, Abu Dhabi resident, converted her podcasting hobby into her full-time job. She launched her podcast, The Learning Curve, which revolves around female entrepreneurs in the Middle East, available on Soundcloud. They talk about what it’s really is like to be a Woman Entrepreneur in the Middle East by interviewing women from across the region. They find out how women run their businesses, the challenges they face and celebrate the successes they have had. Available on thelearningcurvepodcast.com

7. The Omars Show

The perfect definition of the comedy scene in the UAE. Omar Ismail, an Emirati comedian and co-host Omar Shams work together to create a local perspective on the comedy scene in the UAE. From kissing etiquette to conspiracy theories, The Omars Show covers all topics the most humorous way! Available on Soundcloud.

8. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Hosted by Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, the duo share habits, tendencies, tips and tricks that have been found to increase happiness in individuals. Tips like forming productive habits to reducing stress at work or home are shared by the women. The hopeful and helpful parts make the podcast a great one to listen to and the chemistry between the evidently different sisters makes the podcast warm and enjoyable. The podcast is available on Spotify.

9. Sampler

Discovering new podcasts is a hard thing to do, but no worries, Sampler has your back! Sampler is not so much a podcast but more so a podcast about podcasts. Each week, a new podcast is introduced to listeners with clips and brief discussions of the podcast. You won’t be a fan of all of them but Sampler may just introduce you to your new best friends. Available on Apple Podcasts.

10. Radiolab

The father of all modern podcasts, produced by public radio station WNYC, RadioLab uses innovative and distinctive sound design, interviews, stories and thought experiments – driven and informed by a deep curiosity to explore questions and stories that touch upon science, philosophy and memory and what it means to be human. Each episode is an hour-long intriguing and transporting experience that will have you expanding your mind and thinking about many things. The podcast is available to listen on radiolab.org