Attractions, rides and things to do anywhere you look ensure that nobody gets bored visiting or residing in the UAE. However, thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies are often spoiled for choice when it comes to getting their fix of heart pumping action in Dubai. We here at Friday are here to help you find the right adrenaline pumping activity to suit your needs!

1. Skydive with Skydive Dubai

Everyone’s favourite thing to do and what Dubai is best known for in regards to adrenaline rushes, skydiving in the UAE gives adrenaline junkies a chance to experience the true thrill of freefall at over 120mph as well as enjoy the beautiful view UAE offers! Skydive Dubai, located near The Palm Jumeirah, offers you classes to learn how to skydive solo, you can also choose to be attached to an experienced instructor and/or take a scenic tour over Dubai! At only Dh1699 for a tandem skydive at the Desert Campus and Dh2199 for a tandem skydive at the Palm!

2. Dune Bash in a Buggy

A visit to the UAE is incomplete without the thrilling experience of a Desert Safari. If you want to experience a thrilling and absolutely safe desert safari, Dune bashing is the way to go! It is a great activity for adrenaline junkies because you never know what to expect from the deserts in the UAE. The incredible heights of the sand dunes will never fail to leave you speechless! The speed of the buggies will only add to your excitement!

3. Flyboard and feel like a hero with Hydro Water Sports Dubai

Flyboard with Hydro Water Sports Dubai and challenge gravity with this adrenaline-filled activity! Experience the electrifying sensation of flying above the waters of Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach. Hydro Water Sports Dubai, located at JBR Beach, the Ritz Carlton Hotel, provides you with a 30-minute Flyboard session which include around 10 minutes of instructions from a professional to ensure you have a blast and fly safely. For just Dh450 for a 15 minute session, Dh600 for a 30 minute session and Dh1200 for 1 hour of professional training!

4. Swim with the Sharks at the Dubai Aquarium

Diving with the world’s ultimate doesn’t seem like the ideal activity for most people but shark diving is the adrenaline junkie’s best friend! Dive into the depths of Dubai Aquarium’s 10-million litre tank and experience the thrill of a lifetime by coming face-to-face with the largest collection of Sand Tiger sharks in the world. The Dubai Aquarium, located in the Dubai Mall, will provide you with qualified instructors, a dive master as well as a dive instructor to supervise every dive and will assist you throughout your experience!

5. Defy gravity with the gravity-defying bungee jump by Gravity Zone

The 50 metre drop gives you the adrenaline rush you’ve been waiting for. Despite the long distance and ultimate rush of it all, Gravity Zone, located right off Sheikh Zayed Road at the Power Play Football venue, ensures you are completely safe and are in good hands, whilst working with professional instructors! Just for the price of Dh360, you can have the thrill of your life, plummeting down 164 feet! The Gravity Zone Bungee Jump is 300 feet (91.5 metres). As long as you’ve got a doctor’s note, you’re ready to jump.