Summer time is the best time to visit beaches, go to waterparks, parks, etc. But in the UAE things go a little differently, the heat forces many to stay inside so people read books. Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism is opening (March 2019) a new library just for kids. But while that is under construction, take a look at these awesome libraries!

1. BookMunch Cafe

A fantastic place to bring together your reading and eating hobbies, hence the name, BookMunch. This moderately sized café is the perfect place to make yourself comfortable whilst dining and reading a good book. The various dishes are perfect for people of different nationalities and specific tastes. The colourful patterns and cosy areas for people to nestle in, give the café the homey vibe it is famous for. Diners describe the café as ‘relaxing’. If you enjoy reading, BookMunch is the place for you!

2. Al Ras Library

Al Ras Library, although not the biggest library, is the oldest library in the UAE, opened in 1963, Al Ras Library is home to over 100,000 books and 165 periodicals, located in Deira, home to Dubai’s famous street markets. Al Ras Library has a separate children’s section with a reading hall, audio-visual facilities as well as an activity room that will ensure that your reading won’t be disrupted by children. Overlooking the Dubai Creek, the Al Ras Library is a pleasant place to visit, taking you through a part of history with its age.

3. Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Foundation.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, located in Al Jaddaf, is a project made to serve the educational, societal, and tourism movements of the UAE. A library perfect for all ages as it has 8 different sub-sections. A children’s library complete with a play area! The youth library with books for the youngsters, advanced tech and cultural group activities. The family library with parenting guides and books aimed towards families, etc. The library is said to contain upwards of 4.5 million books and has been designed to resemble an open book sitting on a rehl – a traditional lectern which holds the Quran.

4. DownTown Café

Most people prefer to read silently but if you are the type of person who enjoys discussing books, DownTown café is for you! Basil Moosa, CEO of DownTown Café says, “The concept of this café is to create a space where people connect with each other over food and beverages.” The library is filled to the brim with their private collection, customers can take home any book and second-hand books from the customers are appreciated.

5. Spill The Bean

Spill The Bean, located near Al Madinah Al Mustadama Masjid, is a specialty coffee shop that is focused on single origin coffees and supreme quality blends. Spill The Bean is one in a few cafés that has 100% organic coffee blends and is 100% fair trade. Portions to eat at Spill The Bean are generous without being too filling and is rapidly becoming a family friendly go to breakfast spot in its location. Spill The Bean set up a book exchange system where a customer could place a book in the library and enjoy a free cup of coffee in return. Customers have a variety of books to choose from to take home or read in the café- free of charge.