1. Brain Game Dubai

Brain Game Dubai, located a short distance from ADCB metro station, offers alternative amusement games. Groups of friends, colleagues or family are required to use clues in order to escape from a paranoid killer, steal a crown from a museum, solve the murder in Orient Express or help a famous traveler start his trip around the world. 2-6 are players required per room and have 60 minutes to escape the room by solving riddles. For just Dh110, you can experience a thrilling and wildly-themed escape room.

2. Phobia Dubai

The interactive escape rooms in Phobia Dubai, located at the Red Diamond Building, can have you locked in an underground bunker, house of maniac, modern museum, detective’s apartment or other unusual places. Gather a team of 2-5 people for Dh115 per person and show up to Phobia Dubai 15 minutes in advance, get locked and solve your way out in under 60 minutes.

3. Escape Reality

Escape Reality, located at Indigo Sky near First Abu Dhabi Bank metro station, will have you come as friends but leave as heroes as you battle against time to solve puzzles in their ultra-realistic escape rooms. Your group will have to overcome challenges in under 60 minutes. For Dh100-Dh140 per player, you can experience one of the 8 exciting escape rooms offered. The premise boasts a large social area and an exclusive corporate room.

4. The Escape Hunt Experience

Situated in Galleria Mall Al Wasl Road, The Escape Hunt Experience is a great global entertainment franchise offering a real life experience where you and your team play against the clock in one of the rooms to solve challenges and find your escape route. For Dh135 per player for a team of 5, you and your team can choose from one of the three escape rooms: The Deadly Prison, The Bank Job or The Leather Apron. Perfect for team building, The Escape Hunt Dubai ensures that you and your team leave as one strong unit.

5. Brainscape Games

A fun, exciting and mentally stimulating live escape room, located at Bay Square - a short walking distance from Dubai Mall - offers you 3 exciting and mysterious rooms for you to escape, including: The Classic Lounge Room, The Da Vinci Room and The Hijack room. At the price of Dh155 per person, you can enjoy these adrenaline boosting and mind racing escape rooms and prove that you’ve got what it takes to be intelligent with your observational skills, lateral thinking and logical reasoning.

6. Hungarian Games

Hungarian Games, situated in Warehouse #35 Al Quoz Industrial Area, is an indoor entertainment concept based on ‘Flow Theory” that a person’s inner strength and abilities improve under stress. Hungarian Games offers 4 electrifying escape rooms, including: The Crime Scene Room, the 4th Element Room, Studio 113 Room and The Haunted Room. For the price of Dh120- Dh250 per person, you can experience the thrill of being locked up and having to solve your way out.