Why did you feel the need to launch an improved version of your website?

The onset of the Covid-19 and the resultant lockdown resulted in a huge traction of our website. It made me realise the fact that online ordering is becoming the norm of the times. It is also now very obvious that most of our shoppers want deliveries at their doorstep. Strengthening of our online portal services has enabled us to meet this need in a comprehensive manner.

What were some of the big challenges you faced while creating the online platform and delivery system?

There has been no major challenges other than the fact of ensuring delivery as per the customer requirements. To meet the on-time delivery requirement, apart from the optimum use of our own fleet, we entered into tie-ups with third-party service. This initiative has helped us enhance customer satisfaction.

What has been the response to the website?

The response has been overwhelming with online orders going up every day. The increasing online traffic, we expect, will generate nearly 30 per cent of our total sales this year as against 10 per cent last year. Until recently, most of our online sales were coming through third-party portals, such as Noon, Amazon, Insta and Elgrocer. But now, since we have strengthened our own online portal to reach our consumers, we are able to pick additional traffic load as the portal is highly user-friendly.

How are you ensuring contactless delivery?

Firstly, our delivery person drops the orders in well-sanitised packets at the doorsteps of our customers. Second, since the payment has been made online, there is no exchange of money between the customer and the delivery person. Moreover, for those who wish to pay at the time of delivery, we have the tap-and-pay mode, which again is totally contactless.

I believe contactless payments will be a way of life going forward. What was once a novelty at a flagship store will become commonplace in the future.

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