Now that we’re slowly inching our way outside of our homes and resuming business as usual, we need to equip ourselves with tools and gear to navigate our way safely in this new world dictated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gloves, masks and hand sanitisers perch high up on our shopping lists – essentials we can’t do without, and if scouring individual shops for them while maintaining social distance overwhelms you there’s good news: Daiso Japan is a one-stop shop for all your PPE (personal protection equipment) and sanitisation needs.

They’ve got over 40 stores across the UAE, so you can pop over to the one closest to your neighbourhood and stock up on safety gear as well items that make commuting and adhering to new rules convenient, such as refillable bottle containers.

Still staying home? Daiso’s arsenal of over 70,000 products will keep the entire family entertained – from exercise equipment like ab rollers for fitness fanatics, to knitting, gardening and baking supplies for the crafty and creative.

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