Outdoor spaces, be it a backyard, front yard, terrace or balcony, come in all shapes and sizes. Hence, when designing, first consider the size and shape of the space available, says Sayed Habib, director of business development, franchise and e-commerce at Danube Home.

Secondly, you have to decide its purpose; whether it is for entertaining, for unwinding after a long day, or for ensuring your kids have a safe space to play and enjoy the outdoors. Once you have measured your outdoor space, and decided how you intend to use it, you can select outdoor furniture, furnishing and decor pieces that suit the space and your requirement.

Front yard


Your outdoor space should have something for everyone. Create spaces your children can enjoy with colourful swing sets, slides, and other wonderfully delightful kids’ play products.



Landscaping with artificial grass is a fuss-free, low-maintenance way to give you the feeling of being close to nature as you enjoy the winter breeze while sipping hot cocoa with a spectacular view.


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Whether your balcony is big or small, you can never go wrong with a comfy balcony set that comes with two chairs that are perfect to sit and relax in, and a table to keep your favorite beverage and snack on. Add a fountain and artificial plant fence on the wall to create a calming effect.



Make room to entertain family and friends in your back yard with al fresco dining options that allow you to enjoy the upcoming winter weather while digging into your favourite meal.

Celebrating the great outdoors

As the weather begins to cool down and al fresco entertainment gets popular, it is time to give your outdoor space some extra love.


Talking about Danube Home’s latest outdoor furniture collection, Adel Sajan, Danube Group managing director, says, "The Danube Home Garden Collection 2022 features a wide range of products designed to create the most spectacular outdoor spaces. Your home interior is a reflection of your style and we believe that your garden should be no different. With outdoor furniture, furnishing, décor, and lighting solutions that provide exceptional value, comfort, and functionality without compromising on style, the Danube Home Garden Collection 2022 will have you spoilt for choice."

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