This year, many will spend time researching and planning their next vacation or what car to purchase. Others will pore over self-help books and create resolutions for the New Year which will be likely and promptly forgotten at the turn of the year.

So why not set aside two days to plan your life with a tested process that not only helps you set goals but also gives you vision and clarity on how to achieve them?

In their highly anticipated new workshop, Elevate Your Year, Preet Sagar, Master NLP coach, and Dhiren Bhatia, serial entrepreneur, public speaker and podcaster, are releasing their tested, step-by-step system to achieve successes across multiple aspects of life. Their inaugural two-day workshop program called Elevate Your Year is scheduled for December 17-18 at Rove La Mer, Dubai.

"People are so busy building their LinkedIn profile that they forget the other 10 domains to build their life resume," says Preet.

Dhiren adds: "One of the things that entrepreneurs are great at, is planning their calendar with meetings however the last two years have taught us the importance of planning our lives before our meetings."

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