The first-ever Outdoor Food Fest at Arabian Center, which recently opened to welcome a long stream of foodies, will serve some of the finest treats until January 16. Every day from 4pm to midnight, the specially developed area outside the Night Court Entrance comes alive with a great line-up of food trucks. The trucks and stands present a fusion of flavours ranging from Mexican, American, Lebanese to the Mediterranean, and all served with a mélange of never-ending fun activities.

Hardcore foodies can indulge in an incredible array of choices from One Wish, Stuffed Burger, Meat District, Maddy, Koshari Square, Abu Jad, Let’s Grill, to mention a few. A resident DJ, playing a great mix of popular music, keeps everyone entertained.

Children, meanwhile, can look forward to unlimited thrill in a specially dedicated Kids Play Zone. They can enjoy fun games in the bouncy area and the slime zone.

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