Whether your kids have to hear school bells ringing or the ding of a zoom class reminder, Lifestyle’s latest shopping checklist for the young packs in fun and function. The leading retail store for branded beauty, fashion and home products is launching its new back-to-school collection and it is a vast array of trend-inspired designs on bags, lunchboxes, water bottles, stationery, beauty supplies and cutting-edge gadgets.

Keeping in view the urgent need to be eco-conscious, Lifestyle’s new range scores high on sustainability too as it includes items made using recycled plastic bottles. A win-win, don’t you think?

Looking for products with your Disney and Marvel characters? Look no further. Lifestyle’s range includes stylish backpacks and smart trolleys that are an ode to your favourite superhero or cartoon character.

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So go ahead and opt for Lifestyle’s new range of back-to-school products. It offers loads of inspiration to script your future with confidence.

Check out the range either in store or online at www.centrepointstores.com.

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