With 2020 gone and dusted, we finally welcome 2021, a year that is hopefully peaceful and more prosperous than its predecessor. The Japanese value retail concept with over 5,000 stores across the world, continues to prove that it has established a unique place for itself in the UAE. Daiso Japan is recognised as a variety discount shop selling a wide range of lifestyle, novelty and gift products over the past three decades.

The key to its global appeal is the absolute focus on quality, variety and uniqueness in all its product categories. This value store has its products up-to-date, keeping in mind the consumers’ needs and wants in their day-to-day life. The brand has over 40 stores open across the UAE region, with plans to open more this year to ensure that all customers have a Daiso Japan store “nearby”.

This year and as always, with over 80,000 products available in store and with prices starting from just Dh7, Daiso Japan will be offering its customers all the necessities they need for their daily lives starting from kitchen utensils and cleaning tools to car accessories and personal protection equipment. That’s not all, Daiso Japan guarantees quality, uniqueness, and value with every product, and expect new surprises on every visit with over 800 new arrivals every month.

As the dangers of the pandemic are yet to die out, Daiso Japan offers its range of PPE items in store, including new products such as the four-layer masks that is available in pink, green, white, black and blue colours.

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Being a one-stop variety shop selling a wide range of lifestyle items, there is something for the entire family at Daiso Japan; from organisation solutions, bakeware, dinnerware, cleaning tools, stationery to DIY tools, sewing and knitting tools, gardening items, toys and accessories. Even the family’s furry friends have their own section of pet accessories.

Find your nearest store at www.facebook.com/pg/daisojapanme.

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