The couch is your gym

One thing we’ve learnt as we adjust to the new normal is just how important it is that our homes are as versatile as we are. Our living rooms, for one, have to be fit for following our morning gym class on Instagram Live one minute and Netflix streaming parties the next. Start by updating your living space with a comfy sofa, then furnish with essentials that are both dynamic and functional and suits any setting– coffee tables that consume minimal space, floating shelves for sleek off-ground storage, and elementary low-cost accessories from vases to cushions that can easily be rearranged.

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Tip: No need to invest in specialist equipment for your home workout (or pay to return to the gym), when a sofa and a six-pack of water work just as well. Use the sofa for tricep dips and the water bottles for your biceps. Add a set of squats and lunges and you’ll have done a full body HIIT workout without leaving home.

Zen living

Working from home was supposed to be more restful: no busy commute, no early alarm calls, no sitting in the same seat for hours on end. So why do we feel like life is one constant Zoom call? You’ve already downloaded the affirmation apps and followed the guided meditations on YouTube, but now it’s time to ensure your external setting matches your inner Zen. Bring calm into your personal sanctuary this summer with a just a few simple touches – luxe lighting that oozes a warm glow, scented candles that can take you on a sensory journey away from daily stresses, budding plants to evoke the serenity of nature, and a plethora of plush cushions to melt into at the end of the day.

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Tip: Choose restful scents to enhance the mood. Lavender is a great option in the evening to promote a restful night’s sleep.

From Zoom calls to in-person celebrations

While our friends and family may not be on hand to help us blow out the candles, Zoom calls have helped us share our special occasions with them. Soon, however, we’ll be together again and when that time comes, our comfortable, clever and cost-effective modular furniture adapts to your changing needs, allowing you to create all the space you’ll need to celebrate in style.

Tip: Choose modular sofa elements that work in various configurations so you can adapt the space to your changing needs. An extra footstall is a handy additional seat for future visitors.

Pamper yourself with some me-time

When you’ve stepped out of the home office and hung up on the family Zoom quiz, it’s time to switch off and indulge in some me-time. Whether that now means elaborate jigsaw puzzles or testing influencers’ homemade facemask recipes, let us help you create the perfect downtime set-up. The basics? An inviting sofa that’s ideal for curling up on. Then bring in a colourful, cosmopolitan flair reminiscent of your favourite coffee shop or beauty parlour with printed wall art, patterned rugs and artsy-picture frames displayed on decorative shelves. Now, all you need is that book or magazine you’ve been saving for the weekend and your home staycation is complete.

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Tip: Store all your beauty essentials in ornate boxes to keep them organized and add a beautiful decorative element to your space.

Desk duty

As working from home and distance learning often have to coexist in the same small space, carving out a dedicated workspace that works for all the family is a must. Whether it’s setting up your little ones close enough for you to help with their long division in between (or, most likely, during) your own meetings, or styling your background with a hefty book collection and accolades to impress colleagues during video chats, Home Centre has you covered. Choose from a wide range of great-value desks in different dimensions, comfy chairs to suit any interior feel, and plentiful accessories to make organisation a breeze.


Tip: Don’t forget to add an office desk lamp to keep you well-lit while you are finishing off that final zoom call of the day.

A tidy kids’ room

Although our kids have adapted well to distance learning (and Tik Tok challenges), one thing they’re still to learn is tidying up after themselves. Fear not, for while they’re in a live lesson with their teacher, you can get to work in their bedroom. Keeping it clutter-free is easy with our fun storage solutions, and when everything in its place, you can see where to add those cheerful, cost-effective touches that Home Centre excels at – from colourful cushions to heart-warming wall art.

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Tip: Give your kids incentives to keep their space tidy. Pocket money for tidying their rooms is a great incentive and will teach them great life skills (while saving you some of the hard work).

Wardrobe overhauls

From sifting through that overflowing wardrobe, to organising your ever-growing shoe collection, now’s your chance to finally take on that deep clean. And as soon as you see our stylish storage solutions – wicker baskets to beautifully disguise clutter within, smart matching hangars, and fabric storage ladders with space for all your accessories – it will feel more like a treat than a task.


Tip: Matching laundry baskets can help you organise your household chores – one for handwashing, another for machine washes and a third for dry-cleaning is a great solution.

Beautify your bedroom

We spend as much as a third of our lives asleep, meaning our bedrooms deserve some TLC now and again. And we don’t just mean snapping yourself championing the pillow dress challenge. Taking your space from dull and boring to uplifting and relaxing doesn’t have to mean splashing out: let basic updates – a new set of crisp sheets to crawl into, a decadent throw to snuggle up with, and cloud-like cushions to sink into – add a fresh feel to bedtime.

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Tip: Make sure you have two sets of linen for each bed in matching colourways, so you don’t have to rush to wash and dry the same day before bedtime.

Date nights at home

We know sharing the same space with someone 24/7 can be a challenge, but it has brought us closer together. In more ways than one. With the kids safely tucked up in bed for their Zoom sleepover, let love rule in your dining room as date night takes on a distinctly homely feel thanks to our favourite delivery app. With full dinner sets and cutlery, plus crystal glasses and candle holders, we’ve got all you need to create a restaurant-worthy setting that’s more wallet-friendly than the real thing – and you don’t have to pay for a taxi home!

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Tip: A little mood lighting goes a long way to creating that romantic atmosphere. Turn down the lights and let the flicker of candlelight set the scene.

For the kitchen kings and queens

Being at home has given us ample time to learn and develop new skills – dad included. Boys big and small have been busy in the kitchen, baking banana bread, whipping up homemade whoppers, and recreating recipes to varying degrees of success. Whether you’re a kitchen calamity or the next Michelin starred-chef, Home Centre has all the essential and affordable equipment you need to cook up a storm – from whisks and aprons, to baking moulds and measuring bowls, plus serving trays for you to present your masterpiece.


Tip: Invest in silicone bakeware – it’s budget friendly and game-changing for muffins and cakes which will never stick.

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