Orange Wheels, a flagship brand of IdeaCrate Edutainment Company, opened its latest edutainment centre at Dubai Silicon Oasis. This is the second location of Orange Wheels in Dubai and the fourth in the UAE.

A one-stop edutainment destination for children, aged six months to eight years, Orange Wheels offers a wide range of stimulating sensory activities, arts, and craft stations as well as pretend play areas.

“This is yet another step to provide wholesome education to the young and curious minds. With the motto ‘Play, Discover, Create’, Orange Wheels offers a safe, clean, fun, and nurturing environment for children to enjoy unrestrained play time with immersive activities,” said Shifa Yusuffali, CEO of IdeaCrate Edutainment Company.

“The evolutionary concept aims at the overall development of kids through a series of activities like games, music, dance, arts and craft. Our focus is on providing a stimulating space for children to explore their creative and fun side,” she added.

With a space for the children to express their talents in their own way, Orange Wheels encourages children to play and learn in an activity-oriented environment guided by trainers from around the world.

Shifa Yusuffali at the inauguration with Mr. Sharoon and Dr. Juma

“We also offer themed parties at our dedicated private party room allowing our guests to choose their desired themes and packages,” said Yusuffali, who founded the company in 2015. “The play centre also hosts themed events from coffee mornings to playdates that allow mums and dads to meet and bond with community of parents in a friendly, informal setting.”

From themed arts and crafts, a thrilling soft play area, interactive cooking stations and an outdoor water-play space, Orange Wheels’ hands-on activity programmes are designed to promote development, excellence, and entertainment in a thoroughly safe environment.

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