Without the rhythm of our daily routines to anchor us, we’ve all been feeling unmoored in the wake of Covid-19. Not to mention the legion of worries we’re now ensnared by – uncertainty about livelihoods, constant fear of contracting the disease and the crippling loneliness of being isolated from friends and family.

You might find the cure to your stress in a four-day online yoga workshop – the Sri Sri Yoga Level 1 workshop by The Art of Living Foundation is being conducted from June 17-20 to mark International Yoga Day.

Taught by yogi Girin Govind, a renowned yoga practitioner and member of Quality Council of India’s Technical Committee for Yoga Certification, the course will walk participants through simple but effective asanas (poses) that ramp up mental and physical health.

The sessions will last two hours and train you in yoga and meditation techniques that focus on the science and art of breathing right. When practiced daily, these techniques do the double duty of quelling anxiety as well as boosting immunity.

The workshop is open to people across the Middle East from June 17-20. Sessions run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and the entire course costs Dh120 per person. Register at artofliving.org.

For more details email rashi.datt@gmail.com or call 0506671283.

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