Whether it’s an uncle dancing at a wedding, a millennial in skinny jeans or the use of a laugh emoji, such antics are likely to be construed as cheesy in the eyes of Generation Z.

Gen Z, which generally refers to anyone born in the mid-to-late 90s, might find certain behaviours of their predecessors "basic" but when it comes to actual cheese, the generational differences start to dissipate. In essence, like their elders, many Gen Z-ers are partial to a touch of cheddar, particularly when it’s served on a pizza.

In recognition of cheddar’s multigenerational appeal, at the beginning of the month, an exciting collaboration was launched between a UAE pizza brand and cutting-edge Gen Z creatives.

Additionally, a meal for four at Papa John’s Pizza is available to 10 lucky readers. For a chance to win, simply describe (in your cheesiest and own, original way) your love for Papa John’s Pizza here.

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We will pick the 10 winners from entries submitted by June 19. Follow Friday Magazine and Papa John’s Pizza on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win. The competition is exclusively open to UAE residents.

The innovative Papa X Cheddar campaign is a unique (and playful) marriage of food, fashion, film and music. The campaign, which runs under the tagline cheddar drop, features director, Josh Cohen, whose portfolio includes campaigns for Adidas and Nike and hip-hop musician B Zino, who has created a special urban instrumental track in honour of all things cheddar.

The use of international Gen-Z talent, which also includes edgy models, has culminated in a special streetwear range – a combination of delivery drivers’ uniforms and the latest urban fashion. The affordable but strictly limited range is available online on a first-come-first-serve basis this month, with sales proceeds donated to charity.

Catering to Gen Z tastes

The unique cheddar-inspired campaign is complemented by the introduction of a number of brand new cheesy creations, available at Papa John’s UAE. Whether you’re a Gen Z urban music fan who likes the idea of a fresh pizzary take on the classic chicken club sandwich or a baby boomer who is enticed by the idea of double cheddar cheeseburger pizza, Papa John’s has you covered. And for those who adore all things cheese, Papa John’s has also launched a cheddar cheese feast pizza featuring both cheddar and mozzarella.

Alternatively, for residents looking for their cheddar fix beyond the confines of pizza, the brand’s unique dough topped with plenty of cheddar cheese is available.

The Papa X Cheddar follows Papa John’s previous Plant Love campaign, where the company launched plant-based products, to appeal to consumers’ increasing ethical and environmental sensitivities, running under the slogan, ‘Love pizza? Love the planet.’

To enter the exclusive Gulf News competition on Instagram visit here, and on Facebook visit here. All competition entries must include the entrant’s full name, contact details and location. Papa John’s will then contact the winners and share the location of their nearest branches for collection of their prizes.

To check out Papa John’s cheddar-inspired urban fashion range, visit www.depop.com/papaxcheddar.

To try the new range of cheddar pizzas or plant-based products, download the Papa John’s UAE app on Google Play or through the App Store.