In its fight against Covid-19, all Al Adil stores are regularly sanitised and all employees are Covid tested in order to provide a safe and worry-free shopping environment. According to Dr Dhananjay (Jay) Datar, Chairman and Managing Director, the health of the store’s employees and customers are of paramount importance and the company has ensured that there is no compromise on that.

“I can say with certainty that all Al Adil stores are Covid free since all our staff are tested for Covid. Moreover, we sanitise our shops regularly, as per the prescribed guidelines. We ensure that there is no compromise on hygiene, social distancing and safety protocols.

“It goes without saying that the spread of the virus cannot be avoided and is largely not in our control but the fact is right cleaning and disinfection routines can greatly reduce or eliminate the spread. We have been provided with a detailed list of protocols that need to be followed and we ensure that these guidelines are maintained at all times. We have also tested all our staff members to ensure that no one is infected. We have kept in place hand sanitisers for all shoppers to use before they commence their shopping.

“The health of everyone is important and we want to assure all our associates, customers and staff that Al Adil will always ensure that safety is the first priority and there will be no compromise on that at any time.”

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