You love cheesecake? Ok, now imagine a generous slice of luscious cake on a base of Graham Cracker pie crust, top it with a slab of yum cheesecake ice cream after spreading a dollop of lip-smacking raspberry sauce between the slices to hug cake and ice cream. Now repeat this before wrapping the entire cake and ice cream in fluffy raspberry frosting. Lean back and sink your teeth into it. Bliss, huh? Little wonder it is called A Cheesecake Named Desire.

This, of course, is only the tip of the ice cream and cake range at Cold Stone Creamery.

Based in Arizona, US, Cold Stone Creamery, an American ice cream parlor chain, has been creating customised, premium ice cream since 1988, delighting dessert lovers with a range of not just mouth-watering ice creams and cakes, but also delectable drinks made with the finest ingredients to leave your tastebuds tingling with surprises.

Take the Cake Batter Confetti, for instance. Multiple layers of moist red velvet cake and cake batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and wrapped in white frosting will trigger a party inside your mouth.

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You’re a chocoholic? We have just the thing for you – Midnight Delight. In a bite, it is chocolate. Upon chocolate. Upon chocolate.

We could go on, but why don’t you drop by any of the Cold Stone Creamery stores that are sprinkled across the UAE? Our staff is on hand to toss up a rich, creamy dessert just the way you want. Check out the Coffee House Crunch cake that is, ahem, brewed daily in ice cream. Or the Cookie Dough Delirium or the Peanut Butter Playground. In a delicious dilemma? Consider our signature creation ice creams like Chocolate Devotion, Founder’s Favorite, Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some or Oreo Overload.

Clearly, just about everybody loves our servings: Dubai Service Excellence’s mystery shopper reports gave an average of 95 per cent service excellence across all Cold Stone Creamery stores in Dubai!

With the festive season here, what better gift to surprise the family and loved ones than with a treat from Cold Stone Creamery. With stores across the UAE, you’ll surely find one close to you. But to make it easier, you can find us online and on Zomato, Talabat, Deliveroo and Careem too. Just click your choice and we will be happy to deliver your bouquet of ice creams, beverages and cakes at your doorstep. You can thank us later.

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