South Indian stand-up S Aravind is bringing his solo show Madrasi Da to the Kilachand theatre, Ductac, tonight. Aravind will make fun of stereotypes about being a Madrasi (resident of the South Indian city of Chennai) and talk about his city and middle class life there. Tickets from Dh125 at; show starts at 8pm.

Later in the week, another Indian comedian will tickle funny bones – Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is performing at The Junction on May 4 and 6. Nicknamed ‘the Salman Khan of the Fat world’, the comic acted in Tamasha and is known for his self-referential gags, observational monologues about why he quit his 16-year career, and his mother’s sole desire – to see him married. Tickets from Dh150 at; shows at 5.30pm and 8.30pm.

Next up, Indian comics Zakir Khan and Abish Mathew will be delivering the final punchline to Ductac’s Laugh-a-thon series on May 13. Abish’s show will take place at 7pm and Zakir’s show will follow at 9pm. While Zakir will roll out wit and humour in Hindi, Abish, known for his YouTube series Son of Abish, will joke in English – but they will both have the language of humour in common. Tickets

for Dh150 per show at