Still figuring out how to celebrate Saturday’s 74th Indian Independence Day? As India officially marks the occasion with flag-raising ceremonies, drills and the singing of the national anthem, there are more fun ways to commemorate the event.

A sweet treat for the entire family is always a sure-fire hit, and Vego Cafe & Confectionery in Mankhool is making the celebration even more memorable with a limited-edition Indian flag-themed cake specially created for the occasion.

Prepared without eggs, the fruit cake features India’s beautiful tricolour, rekindling a sense of pride and patriotism on this special day. The fruit cake is available for home delivery and customers can choose from one-kilogram (Dh100) and half-kilo (Dh75) options. Vego Cafe & Confectionery also offers a whole range of freshly baked breads, puffs, sandwiches, sliders as well as coffee, desserts and all-day breakfast.

For pre-orders, call 04 399 2230.

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