With many people working from home, people are adapting and improving their homes at a higher pace to meet new functional needs. Many people have adopted new behaviours they would like to continue beyond lockdown. To make life active, there is also a need to improve at-home activities such as exercising, cooking and working.

IKEA, the region’s favourite Swedish home furnishing retailer and a part of Al-Futtaim Group, brings to you DIYs that can be used to transform your homes into a setting equipped with all amenities that will never make you miss the world out there.

Gym on the go

Being healthy in the environment we live in today is super essential. What better than making an indoor gym at the comfort of your homes. VARIERA holders are ideal for gym mats and other accessories. Combine them to create a gym station. NISSAFORS is a perfect solution to store all equipment’s in one place.


The new coffee station

Are you the ‘coffee on the go’ person? Use a pegboard to create an ideal space to make your perfect cup of coffee with ease and convenience. Use SKADIS board with SKADIS shelves to store and hang mugs on there.

SKADIS Shelf Dh15, SKADIS Pegboard Dh89

Get creative with cardboards

Let’s make good use of waste. Create a paper theater with IKEA furniture cardboard packaging or boxes left after a move. Fill it with TITTA DJUR, to transform it into an absolute playing station for your kids.


The new camping destination

Modify the space in your child’s bedroom into an indoor camp. Start with the shed for the camp with SKAGGORT stylish striped and dotted fabrics. Add some VISSVASS lights to give it a final touch. Your kids will fall in love with their new space.


The indoor garden

Enjoy an indoor garden, without acquiring a lot of space. KUNGFORS collection is perfect to hang on walls and helps you maintain a fresh garden wherever you need it.

KUNGFORS, Wall grid Dh75, KUNGFORS, Container Dh35