What inspired you to set up Waynik.com?

Waynik has been launched by leaders in food service and distribution industry, Safco International. Servicing the F&B industry for over two decades now, we’ve always been focused towards the B2B clientele. But in these past months, when everyone prefers being safe at home and getting their essentials delivered at their doorstep, we felt it was the right time to launch and extend our services to households of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. The idea behind Waynik by Safco was simple – to provide a fresh, young and vibrant feel to the market, an online platform that provides you over 1,000 products for your home. From fresh fruits and veggies to meat, seafood, bakery items, cooking essentials, Waynik looks after all your household needs.

What does Waynik mean?

Waynik in Arabic means ‘where are you?’ The first thing that comes to mind when you place an order is, where is your order?

What makes Waynik.com unique?

Traditionally we are purely a trading and distribution business. But with over 150 brands, 25,000 products, and over 90 in-house fleet, we are confident to reach out to the B2C segment with the best pricing on the products that we want to offer. Overall, the vision for Waynik is with the products we offer to customers. Waynik provides you the retail experience with the wholesale pricing along with our e-commerce platform that is new, fresh and vibrant.

What are the hygiene standards your team follows in these times to ensure handling of products and deliveries are safe?

During these times, we’ve made sure we have taken up every precaution that needs our immediate attention. The employees are checked for symptoms every morning by our quality assurance team. The helpers, packers and drivers are also trained every week on the new rules and regulations that are set out for the safety of the residents of the UAE. Social distancing policies along with masks and gloves are mandatory for the team within the warehouse and for those who set out for deliveries meeting the customers of Waynik on an everyday basis.

The delivery staff change gloves and sanitise their hands before every delivery to ensure top safety for the customers and for themselves.

Our priority during these times is to make sure of the safety of our valued customers and, as importantly, the staff that is working effortlessly to make sure everything is delivered on time with the right safety standards.

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