1. Which baseball team won the World Series in November, ending the longest championship drought in baseball history?


2. Hazeltine Golf Club hosted which event in October? Bonus point: Which state is it in?


3. Who became the president of Fifa in 2016?


4. Which city hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics?


5. Who will be at the top of 2016 Men’s Tennis rankings?


6. Who scored the first and last goals of the European Championships this summer (one point each)? Bonus point: How many goals were scored in the tournament?


7. Super Bowl 50 took place this year. Who won, and which music act played the half-time show?


8. Which country, with the initials IOA, finished 51st in the Summer Olympics medal table with 1 gold and 1 bronze?


9. Which English golfer won the 2016 US Masters?


10. Who won the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?


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