After analyzing data based on more than 13 million visits to a car classifieds website, Carmudi, an online vehicle marketplace has come up with what some interesting findings of what car buyers are looking for. According to them, white is the preferred choice in the Middle East (38%) and Asia (31%) while silver and grey is the most searched color of car in Latin America (25%) and Africa (33%).

Car buyers in Myanmar, quite like those in the Middle east are passionate about white cars, with 42% searching for the color. The choice for white could be attributed to hotter climates. Experiments have shown that white cars tend to stay on average 18 degrees cooler than black cars when sitting in the sun all day. Many studies also note that white cars hold significantly more value when compared to other car colors, 5% more to be precise. Blue cars lose the most value.

The color black accounts for about 21% of global car searches. Shockingly, one study concluded that black cars are 47% more likely to be in crashes than white vehicles. A country comparison reveals that black accounts for about 30% of total car searches conducted in Indonesia. That country also recorded more than 120 traffic deaths every day.

Info courtesy: Carmudi