1. In which area of Paris is the 2001 movie Amelie set (worth one point)?

  • A: Saint-Germain-des-Pres
  • B: Le Marais
  • C: Montmartre
  • D: Ile de la Cite

2. What does Metro Line 6 do between Passy and Bir-Hakeim stations (one point)?

  • A: Crosses the river next to the Eiffel Tower
  • B: Travels through the city’s longest tunnel
  • C: Runs below the Arc de Triomphe
  • D: Passes the underground tomb of a French king

3. Which of the following is not in the Louvre (one point)?

  • A: Mona Lisa (Da Vinci)
  • B: The Lacemaker (Vermeer)
  • C: Liberty Leading the People (Delacroix)
  • D: Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette (Renoir)

4. Why did Louis XIV build Versailles outside Paris (one point)?

  • A: To get away from Parisians
  • B: The Louvre was due to be turned into a museum
  • C: Complications from a divorce
  • D: An outbreak of cholera in the city

5. The 2006 film Marie Antoinette, starring Kirsten Dunst, was shot in locations tied to the doomed queen’s life. Which of these does not appear (one point)?

  • A: Versailles
  • B: The Paris Opera
  • C: Place de la Concorde
  • D: The Chateau de Chantilly

6. The Bastille prison was destroyed in the French Revolution. What now stands on the site (one point)?

A: The Eiffel Tower

B: Another prison

C: An opera house

D: A memorial to the dead of 1789

7. Who is not buried in Pere-Lachaise cemetery (one point)?

  • A: Jim Morrison
  • B: Jimi Hendrix
  • C: Edith Piaf
  • D: Oscar Wilde

8. Which structure, according to some Parisians, offers the best view of the city - because you can’t see the “eyesore” itself from its rooftop (one point)?

  • A: The Eiffel Tower
  • B: The Grande Arche de la Defense
  • C: The Tour Montparnasse
  • D: The Sacre-Coeur

9. Paris has seven mainline railway stations. Name them (a point for each one, seven points in total).

10. These anagrams contain the names of films at least partially set in Paris. To help, we’ve given the year (five points).

  • A: Accident H Video (2006)
  • B: Stalinist Paragon (1972)
  • C: Gasoline Dinosaurs (1988)
  • D: Nose Fees Burt (2004)
  • E: Inverse Aloe (2007)

And some questions for younger readers, each worth four points...

1. Which of these landmarks is the tallest?

  • A: Notre-Dame cathedral
  • B: The Arc de Triomphe
  • C: The Eiffel Tower
  • D: They are all the same height

2. What happens in the 2007 Pixar film Ratatouille?

  • A: Parisian rat becomes president
  • B: Parisian rat becomes pop star
  • C: Parisian rat becomes celebrity chef
  • D: Parisian rat sings opera

3. Who, in a famous French novel, lives in Notre-Dame cathedral?

  • A: Quasimodo
  • B: Napoleon
  • C: Joan of Arc
  • D: Asterix

4. Which river flows through Paris?

  • A: The Rhine
  • B: The Tiber
  • C: The Rhone
  • D: The Seine

5. Paris is home to a small-scale replica of an American landmark. Which?

  • A: The Empire State Building
  • B: The Hollywood Sign
  • C: The Statue of Liberty
  • D: The Golden Gate Bridge


Ask the adults

(1) C: Montmartre. Amelie works at the Cafe des Deux Moulins on Rue Lepic.

(2) A: It rolls across the Pont de Bir-Hakeim, in the shadow of the tower. Spectacular.

(3) D: Renoir’s 1876 Impressionist marvel is one of the great encapsulations of Parisian cafe society. It hung in the Louvre from 1929 to 1986 - but is now in the Musee d’Orsay.

(4) A: Louis was badly disturbed by a riot in February 1651 - when he was 12 - which saw the mob break into his bedroom at the Palais-Royal.

(5) C: Place de la Concorde. The film ends before her (1793) execution. The Palais Garnier, the grand old theatre of the Paris Opera, was not completed until 1875, but is used in the movie as an example of the city’s beauty.

(6) C: The Opera Bastille opened in 1989, on the 200th anniversary of the Revolution.

(7) B: Jimi Hendrix. He died in London and is buried in his native Seattle.

(8) C: The Tour Montparnasse, which was constructed between 1969 and 1973, and looks every inch the clunky Seventies skyscraper. It was the city’s tallest building until 2011.

(9) Gare d’Austerlitz; Gare de Bercy; Gare de l’Est; Gare de Lyon; Gare Montparnasse; Gare du Nord; Gare Saint-Lazare

(10) A: The Da Vinci Code; B: Last Tango In Paris; C: Dangerous Liaisons; D: Before Sunset; E: La Vie En Rose

Kids’ corner

(1) C: The Eiffel Tower climbs to 1,063ft. Notre Dame’s spire, destroyed in last April’s fire, reached 300ft. The Arc de Triomphe is 164ft tall.

(2) C: And opens a restaurant.

(3) A: Quasimodo - a bell-ringer, and the key character in Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

(4) D: The Seine. The Rhone and Rhine are found in southern and eastern France respectively. The Tiber runs through Rome.

(5) C: A 37ft model of the Statue of Liberty stands on the Ile aux Cygnes - an island in the Seine.

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