Ten questions for the grown-ups, with 20 points on offer...

1. The Nile and the Amazon are the world’s two longest rivers. Which is the third longest (one point)?

  • A: The Mekong
  • B: The Volga
  • C: The Yangtze
  • D: The Mississippi

2. On a visit to South America, you are in the ‘Triple Frontier’ area. You are (pretty much) on the three-way border of Argentina, Brazil — and which other country (one point)?

  • A: Chile
  • B: Paraguay
  • C: Uruguay
  • D: Bolivia

3. Portugal once controlled big swathes of Africa. One of its colonies used to have a capital called ‘Lourenco Marques’. What is it called now (one point)?

  • A: Tunis
  • B: Maputo
  • C: Luanda
  • D: Nairobi

4. Africa has the world’s fourth-highest capital. Its name is (one point):

  • A: Addis Ababa
  • B: Harare
  • C: Asmara
  • D: Pretoria

5. Late-era Beatles single The Ballad of John and Yoko (released in May 1969) is effectively a travelogue detailing the honeymoon arrangements of newly-wed Mr and Mrs Lennon. How many of Europe’s capital cities are specifically mentioned in the lyrics (one point)?

  • A: Two
  • B: Three
  • C: Four
  • D: Five

6. Pennsylvania is home to some big cities. Which of these is the state capital (one point)?

  • A: Philadelphia
  • B: Pittsburgh
  • C: Allentown
  • D: Harrisburg

7. The face of which of these former US presidents is not carved into Mount Rushmore (one point)?

  • A: Lincoln
  • B: Roosevelt (Theodore)
  • C: Jefferson
  • D: Kennedy

8. The denouement of the 1963 Bond classic From Russia With Love plays out in which city (one point)?

  • A: Istanbul
  • B: Moscow
  • C: St Petersburg
  • D: Venice

9. The world is home to 11 national capital cities whose names start with a 'K'. Name seven of them (seven points).

10. Decipher the following four anagrams — all concealing the name of a place or a city — and name the country linking them (five points).

  • A: Banjo Hungers
  • B: Ralph Zoe Tibet
  • C: Angkor Airplane Turk
  • D: Acton Pew

And some questions for younger readers, each worth four points...

1. Which dinosaur, effectively a small Tyrannosaurus Rex, is named after the Canadian province in which — judging by the number of fossils unearthed there — it used to roam in large numbers?

  • A: Columbosaurus
  • B: Ontarosaurus
  • C: Albertosaurus
  • D: Manitobosaurus

2. The 2016 Disney film Moana is set in which ocean?

  • A: Atlantic
  • B: Pacific
  • C: Indian
  • D: Arctic

3. What is the capital of Peru?

  • A: Lima
  • B: Lemur
  • C: Femur
  • D: Limonada

4. If you are travelling on a Eurostar train from London to Amsterdam, which of the following countries do you not pass through?

  • A: Holland
  • B: France
  • C: Belgium
  • D: Germany

5. What is the name of Britain’s highest mountain?

  • A: Snowdon
  • B: Peter’s Peak
  • C: Ben Nevis
  • D: Ben Never


Ask the adults

(1) C: The Yangtze — at 3,917 miles, only just shorter than the Nile (4,130 miles) and the Amazon (4,086 miles).

(2) B: Paraguay. You’re about 20 miles from Iguazu Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world.


(3) B: Maputo — the capital of Mozambique. Lourenco Marques was a 16th-century explorer who “discovered” Maputo Bay, on which the city sits.


(4) A: Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian capital hovers at an altitude of 7,726ft — higher than Kathmandu in Nepal and Thimphu, Bhutan.


(5) C: Four. Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, London. (Southampton doesn’t count.)

(6) D: Harrisburg, on the south-east side of the state, midway between the more obvious Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

(7) D: Kennedy. JFK was only 24 when work on the South Dakota landmark ended in 1941. The three other listed presidents are all present — as is the first, George Washington.


(8) D: Venice. Istanbul features heavily in the film, but the final fight with villain Rosa Klebb takes place in Italy.


(9) Take your pick from Kabul (Afghanistan), Kampala (Uganda), Kathmandu (Nepal), Khartoum (Sudan), Kiev (Ukraine), Kigali (Rwanda), Kingston (Jamaica), Kingstown (St Vincent and the Grenadines), Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Kuwait City (Kuwait).


(10) A: Johannesburg; B: Port Elizabeth; C: Kruger National Park; D: Cape Town — all of them in South Africa.

Kids’ corner

(1) C: Albertosaurus. As in Alberta, where bones were found.


(2) B: Pacific. Specifically the South Pacific — in a fictional Polynesia.


(3) A: Lima — on Peru’s Pacific coast.


(4) D: Germany. France, Belgium and (obviously) Holland all pass by the window.


(5) C: Ben Nevis. Scotland’s tallest mountain is also Britain’s — at 4,413ft. Snowdon rises to 3,560ft.

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