Each week, we’d like you to share your thoughts, anecdotes, views or stories. Last week we asked you what your favourite weekend trip in the UAE is. We’ve got a wealth of fantastic getaways in the country, thanks to its varied landscapes, historical sights and glorious beaches. Here’s what you wrote in and told us about.

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Jabal Al Jais

The uniformly wind-corroded mountains in Ras Al Khaimah give the impression of some ancient artistic temples in the south of India. The scale-like straightness of the cuts on the mountains is incredible. The view from the various balconies along the winding route is breathtaking and perfect for some quick selfies and photography. Finally, after all the sitting in the car from home to the summit (last point for the car), a short yet reasonably long adventurous hike from the summit point is our weekend physical activity – the view of the sea from the top is worth the effort. The serene and pristine view of the sea always brings me closer to the Almighty. A word of caution: The rock surfaces at the top are razor-sharp. I’m so impressed with the whole experience that I’ve introduced and accompanied groups of friends and family on day trips and enjoyed camping and barbecuing in the valley. It is a perfect weekend treat for the mind and body.

Jayashree Mehta

A desert safari

‘Dubai is the most beautiful city’, say those who visit Dubai as tourists. As I am a working woman in Dubai, our family visits a new place every weekend. A desert safari was my favourite – it is like a journey to achieve something new in desert sand. The drivers show us how tough the journey is in the desert sand, by arching the vehicles carefully through high dunes.

Archana Prasad

Al Qasba

This weekend trip to Sharjah has nabbed a place in my favourite list. I witnessed the true devotion of people to their homeland this weekend in Sharjah. The programme scheduled for this year’s Flag Day showed the military’s powerful systems – and its sacrifices. It ended with fabulous airshow that painted the sky with the four colours of the UAE flag. Patriotism is a service to the country and to witness it makes individuals fill with pride.

Ajmiya Noushad

Umm Al Quwain

A weekend escape is as natural to Dubai-ites as taking a walk in the park. What makes a trip special is the company you are with, along with a sense of adventure. Last weekend I had the good fortune to make a trip to Umm Al Quwain. It was an all-ladies overnight trip – a birthday surprise for a friend. Indeed, we celebrated in a grand way. Making a trip from Dubai to Umm Al Quwain with the lady in the GPS as our most faithful friend, philosopher and guide, we made it to the resort well on time. The crisp air was loaded with laughter and glee, the azure sea and the delectable cuisine and my precious friends who have been with me for more than 15 years, made the trip the most memorable one yet.

I hope as time passes I have many other such occasions to look back and cherish the unadulterated happiness that we shared.

Sreeparna Duttagupta

Jabal Hafeet

My favourite weekend trip is to Al Ain’s mountain. At its base is the Green Mubazzarah park with hot springs and beautiful scenic treats – the world’s best stress-busters. The greenery and the cool breeze compliment each other and provide a beautiful gateway for leisure and happiness.

Kiran Pai

Creek Park, Dubai

This very peaceful, neat and spacious park has good entertainment for kids and adults – play area in each gate, good barbecue areas, flowers garden, the children’s city, dolphin show. I mostly like the evening Creek view, light breeze and a casual walk through the park. My kids never feel bored there – it’s one of the cheapest and best place for a family weekend trip.

Rasmina Abdul Jaleel

Umm Al Quwain

Several times before I have had short weekend breaks with my family. The one that I took last week with my friends to Umm Al Quwain was the best so far. There were several reasons.

For the first time, I was on a ladies night out. For the first time, I plucked up the courage to drive 80km on the highway.

For the first time, we completely relaxed and never once discussed work.

Enjoying the lovely sunset from the pristine beach and feeling the soft sand under our feet are going to be memories I will treasure forever.

I felt lucky and blessed to be in such a safe and beautiful land.

Bala Sadasivan