Eating your way through Italy just turned into an adventure – well a food-themed adventure park, to be specific. Italian restaurant chain Eataly is opening a colossal 20-acre agri food park in Bologna on November 15.

Called FICO Eataly World, the gourmet wonderland is being touted as Disneyland for foodies and that description isn’t far off the mark – the sprawling park with free entry will have 108,000 square feet of orchards, pastures and market gardens and 500 adult-sized tricycles that will double up as shopping carts.

There’ll be mortadella shops, trattorias and 25 restaurants that serve a variety of traditional pasta, risottos and pizzas (without the pineapples), 40 educative workshops that expose you to manufacturing processes of ingredients such as Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese’s ageing and curing process. There will also be six food-themed adventure rides.

Eataly World also has a 200-room hotel planned for 2018 that full-bellied visitors can waddle up to after all the feasting. Until then, we suggest you keep stretchy yoga pants handy. Visit